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new moon (no, not the twilight kind) & injustice

Gnoshing on some dark chocolate right now…

new moon chocolate - made for vampires?

Dagoba 74% Dark Chocolate. I need love dark chocolate – and this brand is some of the best I’ve tasted.

Let me tell you, this bar is not for the faint-hearted. It’s really intensely dark (as in, can’t-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face dark) and bitter. But I really enjoy that mix of bitter of sweet. When you eat it, it’s like you’re really getting the true essence of chocolate.

come to the darrkkk sidddee

And everyone knows that the darker the chocolate, the better it is for you, right? Well, that’s because chocolate has a plant compound called flavonoids, more specifically epicatechin. This compound prevents your arteries from stiffening and helps keep them nice and relaxed. Relaxed arteries means better blood flow, and good blood flow is better for your heart! But up to 50% of these flavonoids are destroyed in the making of milk or white chocolates (or any chocolate with less than a 70% cacao content). But dark chocolate retains up to 95% of flavonoids – which means looser arteries (and lower blood pressure) for me!!

Plus, the higher the cacao content in a chocolate, the less sugar and milk solids chocolate companies have to mix in to make that bar. That means less calories while being more nutritious! :O

Obviously, chocolate should be enjoyed in moderation, but a little piece everyday is really good for you. Not only does it help your heart, the endorphin, serotonin, and theobromine found in chocolate are anti-depressants and stimulants that can make you feel happier and more energized.

Sometimes I think all of this research was done just so people could eat more chocolate… which is fine by me!

Today, I found something that angered me.

it's incomplete

Do you notice anything odd about this pistachio?


into the belly of the beast..

I found this little guy when I was packing my lunch for tomorrow – and there he was, sitting innocently among all the NORMAL pistachios, trying to camouflage himself. But nothing gets past me – he was a PISTACHIO SHELL WITHOUT ANY PISTACHIO MEAT!

What the heck??! He literally looks like a really oval Pac-Man! So pretty much, I spent my hard-earned money on an empty shell. How unfair is that? And he’s not the only one – there are several of these sneaky little guys hiding in my nut container, just so they can mock my inability to get my pistachios refunded.

he feels empty inside... BECAUSE HE IS.




2 thoughts on “new moon (no, not the twilight kind) & injustice

  1. You are adorably healthy. I don’t even know if that’s possible. And um way to comment on my blog bitch. Keep blogging!! After a month or 2 you can read it from the beginning and it feels damn fufilling.

    Posted by Euna | April 24, 2010, 11:15 pm
    • hahaha i commented, i commented!
      usually when i look through people’s blogs (like people i don’t know) i just peruse through the pictures and comments and move on
      i actually know you, so its not awkward commenting on your blog lol

      Posted by minyungee | April 25, 2010, 1:51 am

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