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shabus and flowers

Note: I toted my DSLR with me everywhere today and ended up getting a little too shutter-happy. I didn’t know which photos I should delete, and in the end I uploaded almost everything.  So this is post is long and very picture heavy – it’s all in the name of practice though! Don’t bother reading everything if you don’t want to.

I got my hair cut today – just a little trim so it’ll grow out nicer.

And of course, I went to PalPark  because that’s where all Koreans in Bergen County go to get their hair cut.

After shortening my long, flowing, tresses my mom got a sudden craving for pho, so we went to Pho32 in Rodeo Plaza – you guys know which one I’m talking about.

you know you're going to a legit pho restaurant when they have bowls of noodles emerging from the wall.

So my mom ordered her #4 – pho with slices of beef; she seemed very happy with it

spicy, mung beany, rice-noodley goodness

She always adds so much Sriracha to it – look at how red the broth is..

I on the other hand, got shabushabu. For those of you who don’t know, shabushabu is a dish where you get all the ingredients (veggies, seafood, noodles) raw and a hot broth placed in front of you so you can cook and dine at your leisure. And depending on what you order, it can be really healthy and nutritious. There’s a sauce bar too, so you can make your own dipping sauce.

When my order came out, it came with a plate of vegetables, a plate of seafood, a plate of noodles, and a bowl of broth. That’s a pretty good deal for $16.

The veggies:

mushrooms, nappa cabbage, bok choy... yummss

The noods:

kalgooksoo aka knife noodles

The seafood:

mussels, clams, shrimps, squids..

You can add as much or as little as you like, and in whatever order. I put the veggies in first (since they take the longest to cook) and then add the seafood a little while later.

jacuzzi of flavor

And you control the temperature of your broth with this little gizmo to the right of your bowl-heating up thingy.

remote of power

Wait for everything to cook… And the vegetables are done first!

so good...

Then you add a little sauce..

i prefer this over dipping

And then CHOMP. I’m telling you, it’s absolutely delicious.

get into my mouth, you

Zee shrimp – I know this sounds weird, but I eat my shrimps shell-on. I like the crunchiness, and the head is where all the shrimpy flavor’s at. This lil guy is packed with lean protein, selenium (helps repair damaged cells), vitamin B12 (helps protect against blood vessel damage) and is really low in fat.

Then you just put everything else in and wait for it to cook.


You know the clams are done once they open. Look at them, offering up their succulents fleshy bits.. Might as well have a sign that says, “DEVOUR ME.”

they be open

I tend to add the squiddy things last because they cook in about a second.

a spoonful of tentacly goodness. and a carrot.

Actually, according to my mom, these aren’t really squids but a close cousin of the ten-legged critters. They’re smaller, and perfect for shabushabu-ing.

curlicues and a dunce hat.

Funny looking guys, aren’t they?

Once you’ve eaten all the veggies and meats, you then add the noodles to the wonderfully seafood-flavor infused broth. Upon contact with the floury noods, the broth starts to bubble..

boil boil, toil & trouble..

And then you wait…

perfectly al dente

I’m telling you, this is where it’s at. All the flavor that you’ve added to your bowl accumulates into this last bit of broth. And then once you add the gooksoo, they get infused with that goodness.

I couldn’t eat any noodles though.. I was too full. I just drank some of that really tasty broth. My mom helped me by finishing off about half the plate of noodles though.

Thanks, Pho32 for a really good meal :)

for a chef, the best compliment is an empty plate. and in this case, the chef would be moi. :D

After my delicious meal, I went shopping at GSP with mom. And I finally found a prom dress – was about time too. Whew, at least that’s a load off my mind.

Prom dress purchased, my mom dropped me off at my art teacher’s house. Since I brought my camera with me, my teacher said I should practice taking pictures. Her garden is absolutely beautiful with about a gajillion different varieties of flora and around this time of year, a lot of the flowers are in bloom, so I just took pictures of all of them. My teacher taught me the names of the plants, but can only remember a couple of them..


forgot the name.. this one is a weed though


ground ivy - they look like little armchairs to me

err.. forgot the names of these too..

daisies? i'm not sure

pansies - one of my favorites, although i'm not loving the color combo on these

little cross-shaped flowers. woodruff i think?

momma shroom & baby shroom

forgot the name.. but they're really purple.

baby version

purple galore!

made up my own name for them since i can't remember: fairy lanterns

lil curled up fern

i managed to take a picture of a robin through the hedge

they're called bleeding hearts

it's easy to see why, right?

And I would’ve never seen these last flowers if my teacher hadn’t shown them to me. They kind of grow reverse – when you look at the bush, you see the back of the flower. You have to look at it from the other side in order to see the flower’s inside.

can you see it? they're sneaky little guys


even though they're green, close-up they actually really look like flowers

Whew, that was a long post. If you read through the entire thing, thanks for looking through all of it! Well that’s all for right now. I’ll try to make the next post a little shorter..



5 thoughts on “shabus and flowers

  1. I’ve never had pho before…we should def go together.
    I’ll take you to sundaes and cones for the black sesame…omg I’m craving the red orange sherbert.
    I wanna see a pic of yo face :D

    Posted by Euna | April 25, 2010, 7:27 pm
    • i suck at taking self portraits… maybe one day when my photography skills improve..
      idk if you’ll like pho… i think it’s an acquired taste? people either love it or hate it.
      you’ll never know until you try it though! i actually prefer shabushabu cuz its healthier

      Posted by minyungee | April 25, 2010, 9:25 pm
  2. we gotta do a joint post one day. or cameos. omg. im so excited.

    Posted by Euna | April 26, 2010, 12:22 am


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