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more roasts & zoop

I’m already lagging behind on blogging. That ain’t good… I started what, a week ago? ::gulp::

But I actually have a legitimate excuse! I have a research paper coming up, and this entire week I’ve been working on the finalized outline. I think I put in way too much effort into it.. But I really love my Asian Lit class, and I really like Mr. H-H too, so I wanna do my best. It was due today, but when I finished it, it wasn’t up to my standards – so I just ended up skipping school to work on it.

Anyhoo, like I said, the next couple of pictures are actually from a couple days back. But at least I’m posting them!

veggies sitting around, waiting for their turn

edamame: lil green pustules of soy goodness

The above vegetables are just a few examples of what my mommy roasted for me (:

She tossed them with olive oil and sea salt, then popped them into a 400ºF oven for half an hour or so.

I marvel at the magical transmogrifying powers of the oven, the oil, and the salt.

eggplant, zucchini, beet, asparagus, red taters

broccoli, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, cauliflower

Yeah, it was a lot of veggies. Like, A LOT. Don’t worry, I didn’t eat it all in one sitting. In fact, I still have some left over. I just heat them in the microwave for a minute before munching on them. But they tasted best fresh from the oven, of course.

a cornucopia of late winter/early spring veggies

Now I know that this is usually the part where I give my little schpeel about the nutritional benefits of whatever I ate. But look at that plate. Look at it. And imagine me trying to write about every single one of those in one post. DOES THAT NOT SEEM DAUNTING TO YOU? Sure does to me. Plus, my brain is in a semi-mush state of fatigue from working on that outline. So I’ll try to get around to covering those vegetables, one at a time.

Well, to prove that I’m trying my best to not procrastinate, I’m posting pictures of the dinner that I ate TODAY. As in, an hour ago. Ah, I feel so diligent :D

minestrone soup

Yesterday, my mom made a tomato-based soup chock full o’ veggies and whole wheat rotini.

Now I know that I promised recipes for the dishes that I post up here, but my mom made this so I’m not really sure exactly what she did…

I know that some of the ingredients are: potatoes, carrots, squash, onion, green bean, bok choy, beans, carrot, rotini… Err there’s probably more in there. I remember being amazed at the variety of vegetables that came out from this single bowl.

The soup base is made from tomato paste and fresh tomatoes, and my mom definitely added chili peppers in because there was slight heat after every mouthful.

probably the most variety of veggies you'll ever find on a single spoon

Wow, I just realized how yellow all the vegetables look in that picture. It’s true that they all kind of melded together in the soup pot but you can be sure thatR they were not all that same shade of orangey-yellow in my soup. This is just my noob photography skills coming into play.

like my spork?

Ate (drank?) every last drop. Jal muk ut sepp nee dah!

That’s it for this post – not gonna lie, I feel like this is one of my worst posts ever.. The photography wasn’t that great, the nutritional information was lacking… Sigh. This is what research papers do to you. I’ll try to make it up next time. I’m planning on making another batch of granola soon, so look forward to that!



5 thoughts on “more roasts & zoop

  1. What are navy beans? Didn’t she only put in kidney beans?

    Posted by Calynn | April 29, 2010, 9:21 pm
  2. The soup looked so good….droool

    Posted by Euna | April 29, 2010, 10:01 pm
  3. I love your banners. Now update woman!

    Posted by Euna | May 2, 2010, 2:19 am

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