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sometimes, all you want is mom food

Even though nothing really special happened today, I felt the need to post something on my blog because it’s been so long since I last updated. ;_; I’m sorry bloggie, I’ve abandoned you…

Truth is, nothing gastronomically exciting has happened in the last week. On the other hand, the past week was a whirlwind of crazy events. My senior prom was last Friday, and I spent all last week getting stuff together for my weekend. Shoes, hair, makeup, etc… All the stuff a girl needs to get prettied up for her prom.

And then the prom came and went. After that, a group of my friends and I hit up the shore for our after prom. It was lots of fun, in the we’re-only-going-to-do-this-once-in-our-lives kind of way. But food-wise, it was pure torture. Because all we brought to eat was:

  • white bread (with your choice of jam, peanut butter, or nutella)
  • cup ramen

You can see why I had a problem with this arrangement. Luckily, there was 7-11 right across from our house and I managed to survive on fruit that I got from there, along with some healthy bread my mom had bought for me before prom. The boardwalk also had tons of stuff to eat, but it was standard unhealthful carnival fare; in the end I settled for a slice of broccoli pizza with extra tomatoes the size of my upper body – I’m amazed I was able to finish 3/4 of it.

So when I finally got home Sunday afternoon, there was nothing I was craving more than good ol’ Korean, mom-made food. But my mom was still at church. Which means I had to eke it out another day with steamed broccoli and fruit.

Yesterday, my mom finally made me soybean noodles. :D You can be sure that it was absolutely scrumptious. But I’d already blogged about, so what was the point?

SO today I wanted a regular, homemade Korean meal. No frills, no fancy stuffs, just rice and side dishes.

because sometimes, all you want is mom food

When I think comfort food, this is what comes to mind.

rice: the essential Korean food, eaten at every meal

A blend of white rice, brown rice, beans and other grains for an extra protein, fiber, nutrient oomph. I love it because it’s a lot more flavorful than white rice too.

Also had a little bowl of this:

meeyukgook: seaweed soup

The meeyuk in this soup, which is also known as wakame, contains a compund called fucoxanthin that has been shown to help burn fatty tissue. Brown seaweed has also been used a long time in Eastern medicine for intestinal strength as well as for skin and hair growth. Who would’ve known that this slimy thing is so good for you…

Spicy string beans, for extra cruciferous goodness in my dinner (:

string beans!

And this huge pile o’ goods:

red-leaf lettuce & peppers

Why is there a small mountain of green stuff on the table, you ask?

To go along with these!

braised sardine!

We Americanized folks tend to think of sardines as those smelly fish that come packaged in a tin can. But sardines aren’t actually a specific type of fish – it just refers to any small, oily fish that are related to herrings. Fresh grilled sardines are realllly good but I like them this way as well: braised with water in a blend of Korean seasonings.

Especially when I get to eat them like this:

ssam it up, baby

Being the oily fish that they are, sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids (the complicated-sounding things that help prevent cardiovascular disease). And not only are they also rich in protein, calcium, and vitamin D, they also have very low mercury contamination levels because they’re so low on the food chain.

Eaten wrapped up in a leaf of lettuce with a spoonful of rice, you get a perfect nutritional package of yumminess. Nomnomnomnom…

I know, I know, it’s not anything special. But at least I updated right? I’m patting myself on the back for posting about such an ordinary meal, actually. It may not be Momofuku’s Bo Ssam, but I still loved it (:



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