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magical overnight oats

Yes, oats can be magical. I know what you’re thinking – oatmeal is the dullest of all breakfast foods. It’s that drab, gray, porridge stuff that you would never touch in a million years because it tastes like absolutely NOTHING.

Well, that is a COMPLETE lie. And I would know because I had oats for breakfast this morning. And I enjoyed EVERY, SINGLE, DECADENT, DELICIOUS mouthful. I was actually very sad when my cup was empty.

AND SO let us embark on the journey of my magical oaty meal. My breakfast prep began last night, actually. Notice how these oats are called “overnight” oats – it’s only natural to assume that the magical part happens while you’re sleeping. Into my bowl went 1/3 cup of rolled grain mixture.

not just oats, but kamut, triticale, barley, flax meal, etc..

Then I added 1/3 cup milk, 1/3 cup yogurt (both lowfat) and 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract.


Wait a second, you ask. Aren’t oats supposed to be cooked?

Patience, young grasshopper. All will be answered in time.

Next ingredient: chia seeds.


High in fiber, protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, calcium, & omega-3’s, these little seeds pack quite the healthy punch. Plus, they’re easily digested and absorbed into your body – there’s no need to grind these guys up. You’ll get the full benefit of they’re wonderful goodness whether they’re eaten whole or not. Not only that, chia seeds are also filling, energizing, and a great thickening agent (part of the reason why they’re so often added to overnight oats).

So a dash of chia seeds go into my bowl – 1 tsp to be exact. Then I stirred everything up, saran wrapped it, and chucked it into my fridge overnight.

stirred and saraned

Today morning, my bowl of oaty goodness looked like this:


As you can see, something magical happened overnight. The oats absorbed a lot of the liquid, and the chia seeds did their gelling thing. The result: a bowl of thick, creamy oats that had the textured of cooked oatmeal but required NO HEAT WHATSOEVER. It’s magical, I’m telling you.

I could’ve eaten this there and then. But no, I was not yet done with the transmogrification of my oatmeal.

I put a dollop of homemade maple syrup-almond-pecan butter (more of that to come in a later post) and a teeny weeny bit of milk into a baby plate (platette?).

chunky nut butter

This thing got heated up in the microwave for about 15 seconds. When it came out, I stirred it up to make a sweet nut-butter sauce!

sweet, nutty, pourable goodness

And THEN I took this guy out:

chocolate amazing grass!

I’ve been reading about Amazing Grass products on health blogs FOREVER and I really, really wanted to try one out. Finally, yesterday I decided to take the plunge and bought it from the organic store where I work (got $10 off with my employee’s discount – score!).

It’s pretty much wheat grass and a bunch of other healthy stuff ground into a powder and mixed with cacao powder. Actually, it’s a lot more than that. Here are the nutritional stats:


Look at all the vegetables that go in there. For only 15 calories (I added only 1/2 a scoop), that’s a pretty good nutritional bang for your buck.

I blended it with my frozen bananas to make chocolate-banana soft serve. How good does that sound?


My finished soft serve looked like this:


It was SO GOOD. I added only 4 grams of the Amazing Grass powder, but there was such a strong chocolate flavor in this ice cream. It wasn’t all chocolate – you could definitely taste the bananas and the vegetable-ness from the powder. It was so decadent, and I definitely didn’t feel like I was eating healthy food.

I added a little too much milk, so it became too runny. When I layered it all (overnight oats, almond-peacan sauce, soft serve, and walnuts) up in my cup, the finished product looked like this:

walnuts on top for crunchiness

Then I stirred it all up and, I kid you not, had one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever eaten. It was cold and creamy, but still filling- a perfect way to start a summer day.

OOERKJLKADPASHH it was sooo good – in fact, I want one right now. But I must.. restrain.. myself!

I can’t wait to keep experimenting with that Chocolate Superfood; a whole new world has been unlocked for me through overnight oats and Amazing Grass products!




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