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Look at these lonely lookin’ noods. They deserve some company, don’t you think?

buckwheat noodles

How ’bout a spoonful of this? No, it’s not shaved ice. This is grated daikon radish, and the enzymes that are found in these tubers inhibit the formation of dangerous chemicals in the body – it’s good for detoxifying, ‘pparently. Shaved radish helps neutralize the slight toxicity (?!) that can be found in aforementioned noodles, so that’s why they’re always eaten together.

daikon radish

Let’s throw these guys into the pool too – scallions. (Am I the only one that confuses scallions with scallops sometimes?) No fat, but lots of vitamins A and C; sounds good to me.


My life could always use some spice and mustard would be perfect in this. ::proceeds to add drops of yellow runny liquid to broth::

asian mustard - it be liquidy

Everyone is in!

the pool

Wait, can’t forget the nori:

oooo shinyyy

Stir, stir, stir to combine..

end result!

Now, the only thing left to do is…

mommy's chopstickful - i'm just not skilled enough to eat and take pictures at the same time

SLURP WITH RELISH! I saw on No Reservations that when you eat noodles (especially momeelgooksoo) you’re supposed to slurp loudly and eat lots of air with every mouthful. That way, the air moves the broth all around your mouth, and everything just tastes a gazillion times better.

DON’T BE SKEPTICAL. MORIMOTO EXPLAINED THIS ON THE SHOW. And we all know that Masaharu Morimoto is the intense, sushi-making, Japanese Iron Chef with crazy knife skills who absolutely owns anyone who dares challenge him. SO HE MUST BE RIGHT.

And slurp I did, loud and long, whilst consuming my noodles. They were scrumptious. But healthy. But still delicious. SLUUUUUUUUUURP! :D



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