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roe, roe, roe your boat

Recently, my seafood craving has been insatiable. All I dream of are plates and plates of steamed and grilled lobster, clams, fish and shrimp. Watching No Reservations doesn’t really help either – every time I turn to the Travel Channel, all I see is Tony stuffing himself with a mountain of shellfish so fresh, it was literally pulled from the ocean 30 minutes before filming.  And all I can do is drool jealously, wishing I was in his shoes. DARN YOU ANTHONY BOURDAIN, FOR BEING ABLE TO EAT SUCH GOOD FOOD!

Ahem. Anyways, I’m still lucky because I have a loving, caring mommy who will prepare dishes to satisfy such fishy cravings. Plus she’ll make them healthy too. Yay for win-win situations!

My mom really went all out yesterday. Do you remember that fish soup I talked about in my previous post? The one made from all the leftover sushi bits? Well, my mom made something like that for dinner last night. ‘Cept it was like a gazillion times better.

heaping mound o' veg in a spicy fish broth

Do you see all those veggies? Don’t you love it?? And you might be thinking, “Eww… that looks too green to be good…” but trust me, all the bok choy, spinach, mushrooms, watercress, zucchini and daikon radish enhances the true fish flavor in the broth. Even my sister ate all her vegetables – now that’s when you know it’s got to be delish.

The reason why I liked this better than the restaurant soup, is not only because was it made with tender, lovin’ care, but the broth was actually spicy. There are chilies in there, so even though the broth is a clearish-yellowy color, you still got a good kick in the back of your throat when drinking it.

Not only that, this fish soup had a ton of fish eggs.


You see, right now out in the big, blue sea, all the  fishies are getting together and mating so they can start their happy little families. And that means a lot of the girl fishies are getting pregnant. And that means mountains and mountains of sweet, succulent fish absolutely BURSTING with delicious roe. Sorry little guys, but a looot of you are gonna end up in my stomach real soon.

And if you haven’t tried fish roe this way, I suggest you do. You might have tried caviar, or salmon roe, or uni, but when prepared this way, fish roe is really interesting. It kind of bursts in your mouth when you bite into it, and explodes into a million little balls of fishy goodness. I literally destroy an entire generation of fish in one mouthful.

Not only that, unlike the fish in the restaurant soup (which were almost all bones), there were huge chunks of succulent fish flesh in this pot.


I’m actually not sure what kind of fish this is. (A lot of Korean dishes/ingredients tend to get lost in translation on this blog..) But it has almost a springy texture, and it makes for good eating.

The banchan served were very basic, because when you have a main course this good, you don’t want any side dishes covering it up.

white kimchi, radish kimchi, mustard green kimchi, and roasted seaweed

Yup. That was a good dinner. I drank every single last drop of that amazing fish soup.


You have to have dessert, right? And what fruit better captures the essence of summer than this one?

my favorite summer fruit :D

Watermelon. Drool. I love this stuff. No matter how full I am, I can always eat more watermelon. I just can’t seem to stop shoving it down my throat. I actually sat down once with an entire half of a watermelon and just started spooning it into my mouth. It was utter bliss, I tell you.

But my mom wasn’t going to have any of that barbarianism. She cut the melon into cute and convenient little shapes for us.

christmas trees in june...?

Watermelon makes everyone in my family happy.

put a smile on, put a smile on, everybody come on~

And that reminds me. I’d like to introduce you guys to the fifth member of the Choi family.

Meet Byul.

world, meet byul. byul, this is the world.

AWW, LOOK AT THOSE PUPPY EYES. Isn’t he a cutie-patootie? He’s mainly a Yorkie Terrier, but we think he has a little bit of Maltese in him too.

I’m not gonna lie, he’s a pretty big ditz. And he’s really, REALLY energetic. But that doesn’t mean Byul doesn’t have a couple of tricks up his furry sleeve. This is his “punishment” pose. You know, the thing that all Korean moms make you do when you get in trouble as a kid?


But when he’s good, Byul also partakes in our watermelon feasts.

he somehow knows not to eat the rind. magic...?

Hehehe :D

I’m off to work now, so I’ll leave you guys with these wunnerful pictures of my doggie. I actually might not be posting again until the weekends over because I’m going to be spending today and tomorrow in Connecticut. But I’m going to a huge outdoor picnic/barbecue for my church on Sunday, so look forward to that!

Until then,



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