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new directions

I know I’ve blogged about them before, but…

stained glass?

Isn’t this pretty? Who would’ve thought this is a spud?

It’s actually just a cross section from a purple sweet potato. I was running short on time, so instead of roasting them whole, I sliced them into coins and baked them on an oven pan.

purple jewels

I’ve never had potatoes like this, but this method worked pretty well. The concept is similar to baking potato chips, except these are just a tad thicker, which gives them some chew even after they’re done roasting.

hot out of the oven

You can read more about the nutritional facts of purple sweet potatoes here. But today, instead of talking about food, I want to get to something far more important.

can you guess what today was?

That’s right, today was the day of my graduation!!

family photo

Today marked the end of a long, torturous 4 years within the halls of NVOT. It’s hard to believe that I’m finally done with high school. Truth is, I don’t feel anywhere near mature enough to be a college student. But it’s actually happening.

5 hours ago, I walked down the football field, got my (empty) diploma, threw my hat, and took pictures. You would think that this would be a bittersweet time, seeing how much my friends have grown but having to say goodbye to them too. But I’m actually not sad at all because I’m that confident that we’ll keep on meeting up, hanging out with each other, and stay friends outside of high school.


It might be cliche and naive, but that’s what I really believe. Besides, we have the entire summer ahead of us. And whether it’s 4th of July or Korea, there’s still plenty of time to make great memories before we have to say our final goodbyes.


So to all my friends who are reading this right now, I just want to say that I’m so blessed to have met you guys, and I’m thankful for each and every moment that we spent together. Congratulations to you all in finishing high school and getting into college! And whatever schools you guys are going to, best of luck there. I can’t wait to meet up during our breaks to hear about all the things that we’ve experience and accomplished in our respective colleges. And I’m just going to say that THIS ISN’T THE END!! Don’t think of this as something ending – in my opinion, graduation is something that marks a new beginning.

I know, that was pretty chessy. But now that the schpeel’s said and done, I can just say…





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