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Meet the sporfes.

a happy family of 4

A spoon on one end, a fork on the other, and a knife on one of the fork tines. This must be the greatest utensil ever invented.

this redefines the term "spooning"

They make eating overnight oats quite exciting.


You might be wondering why my overnight oats are Shrek-ish in color. It’s because I made my banana soft serve a Green Monster soft serve. That just means I stuffed some spinach in with the frozen bananas, Chocolate AmazingGrass, and the milk for some extra nutritional oomph. Raw spinach is an excellent source of iron (for energy) and calcium (for bone density), and also contains a whole slew of vitamins like A, B2, C, E, K and minerals like manganese, magnesium, potassium, copper… Eating spinach has been shown to improve, digestive health, eyesight, brain function and also help with inflammation and cardiovascular health. A true superfood, to be sure. It might look gross, but honestly you can barely even taste the spinach. If it wasn’t for the color, you wouldn’t even know it was in there. DON’T HATE IT WITHOUT TRYING IT FIRST.

You can’t really see the oats because they all kind of settled on the bottom, but trust me they’re in there. I topped it with some walnuts and maple-cinnamon almond butter for texture and extra deliciousness. A cold breakfast hits the spot juuuust right when the weather gets this hot. I hear it’s supposed to be almost 100º F today! O_O

Sporfes are nice and all, but when it comes to good ol’ Korean food, you just have to use the chopsticks.

zucchini, onions, mung beans, watercress, toasted nori, ggeneep, & brown rice

Vegetarian bibimbap was eaten for dinner yesterday. You might not be able to see it, but trust there’s rice in there. I like to eat this stuff with chopsticks and not with a spoon because there are so many long, stringish stuff in there – it’s almost like bibim noodle. ‘Cept with veggies. But that’s not the point.

Sorry about the lighting in the pictures today – it’s all over the place. I have trouble keeping the colors in my pictures consistent when I take them over the course of multiple days @_@. Must. Keep. Practicing!

And is anyone else excited about the Portugal vs. Brazil match today?? That’s going to be EENTENSE. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to Tivo it, because I have to leave soon and won’t be back until it’s almost over. So no one tell me the score!

Ahhhhhh! Blogging can be so time-consuming. I’ll see y’all laters!



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