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So as an upcoming college freshman, I’m following the “tradition” of going back to my home country this summer to meet up with the family before I finally head off for school. This means that I’ll be gone for the month of July :( But I’ll still keep updating! Maybe not as frequently, but when I do it’ll definitely be loaded with pictures of the things I’m doing and the food I’m eating in Korea and China (did I mention that I’m going to Beijing for a week too?).

With only a week to go before my family and I leave for Seoul, we’re trying not to go grocery shopping and just finish off all the perishables that are in our fridge and freezer. That mean’s lots of experimenting with ingredients I usually just skip over when looking for my next meal!

So, inspired by my trip to ‘ino, for the past few days I’ve been eating a lot of sandwichy/bruschetta-esque things to try to finish off this loaf of multigrain bread that I got at the Union Square Farmer’s Market.

hunk o' bread

Not going to lie, it’s good bread. It’s really hearty and flavorful because of all the whole seeds and grains that are stuck in there – you can see some of them if you look carefully in the picture. It also toasts beautifully, with the perfect crunchy bite instead of the chomp-and-pull you have to do with some tougher breads. It really is an ingredient that stands for itself, instead of playing a supporting role as, well, bread.

So one of the things that I’ve been trying to get rid of is tahini – you know, that sesame butter gloopy thing.

The first thing I tried it in was a mayo-less egg salad.

egg, mesclun greens, tomato, mustard, tahini

As you can see, it really is a SALAD; there’s a pretty high greens-to-egg ratio. But the tahini worked well with the mustard as a binder/dressing, so it was all good. I didn’t have any regular mustard on hand, so I used Oriental mustard – the kind I used in moolnengmyun for that sinus-burning heat. I liked it a lot :D. And instead of hard-boiling my eggs, my mom medium-boiled them for me, which means that they were sorta-kinda yolky in the middle – just the way I like them. The liquid yolk also helped to keep the salad together.

I also made a green hummus to spread on top of my bread:

more green stuff on this blog

You guys have seen me make hummus before; it’s pretty much the same thing. I blended together tahini, garlic powder, and mesclun greens to make a paste-ish thing. And instead of using chickpeas, I used these:

'ze peas

I loveee peas. They’re so cute and fun to eat :). But getting them fresh and peeling is them is kind of labor-intensive, so I just buy them frozen and thaw them whenever I use them. They made the hummus sweet and fresh-tasting; definitely reminiscent of spring.

Instead of using the food processor, I just used my bullet mixer – you can see that there are still chunks of peas in the hummus. But that just made for a more interesting texture. I also sprinkled a little Parmesan on top to help balance the sweetness. You can probably see that this was very heavily inspired by the pea and pecorino bruschetta I had at ‘ino.

And this doesn’t have to do with bread, but I just wanted to show you guys what I had for breakfast today:


Yeah, my family also has a whole BUNCH of berries in the fridge right now. I just decided to freeze a handful and throw them into my banana soft serve this morning. Isn’t it pretttty? :D  It was really yummy too. Plus, blueberries = antioxidant power! Yesterday my oats were green, today they’re purple. I’m actually thinking of doing strawberry tomorrow – at this rate, I’ll be going through the whole rainbow of overnight oats.

And just an interesting fact I’d like to share with you guys:


I eat my kiwis with the skin ON. Is that weird? A lot of people seem to think so whenever they see me nomming on an unpeeled kiwi. But the skin has 40% of the fiber in the fruit! And it’s not like it tastes gross; it’s just like peach fuzz, but with more oomph. I just make sure to wash it really well before I eat it.

I’m going to have to leave you guys here because I’m having a whole bunch of people from my church over my house today, and I have to help set up. I don’t even know if my house can fit all 40 people! But there’ll be lots of good food and good people, so it should be enjoyable (hopefully!).

I’ll catch up with you guys later!



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