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Today’s the day! Well, technically it’s tomorrow because my flight is at 12:30 AM Wednesday. But everything is packed, the house is cleaned, and I’m ready to go to Korea!

Sorry I haven’t been updating recently – it’s been more than a week since my last post ack!! But I went on a church retreat last Monday through Thursday, and after that there hasn’t been a lot to blog about. Like I said before in my previous post, my family and I have been just trying to finish off all the food in the fridge, so a lot of my meals have been really similar.

One new thing I have been using more often recently is my food processor-transformed-into-juicer.

transformed with juicer attachments!

With all the extra produce in my house, I’ve been drinking juice almost everyday.

I start off with a bunch of vegetables and fruit; I’ve been experimenting, and this combination is one of my favorites.

beet, apple, cucumber, carrot, & lemon

Then I put into the juicer piece by piece until I end up with a delicious drink chock full o’ vitamins and nutrients.


I used to not like juicing because I felt it was a waste of the produce – you don’t get a lot of juice for your buck. Plus, you lose a lot of the fiber from the vegs and fruits because the pulp is thrown out.

the pulp

But I realized that it’s a good way to get your veggies servings in without getting too full; plus I add a little more volume to my juices by mixing in water and ice.

glass of juice

You can see that even though I only added a 1/3 of a beet, because it’s so pigmented the whole drink turns a magenta color. Darn tasty though.

Almost everything edible and perishable in my house has been eaten – I don’t think I’ve ever seen my fridge so empty.

Sadly, this past Saturday was my last day of working at Organica :(. I really enjoyed working there, and I learned a lot during my 4 months of Organica employment. The employee’s discount didn’t hurt either.

So on my last day, I bought a couple of snacks that I can eat on my trip because I hate airplane food. Korean plane food usually isn’t that bad (bibimbap, anyone?) but the mystery, vacuum-sealed meats freak me out… Plus, it’s a 14 hour ride, and I’m bound to get hungry.

First snack:

mary's crackers: sticks & twigs

They really do look like twigs… I haven’t tried them yet, but I liked the ingredient list: brown rice, whole quinoa, flax seeds, sesame seeds, amaranth, millet, & chia seeds. A protein powerhouse if there ever was one. And it’s Chipotle Tomato flavor – how bad can it be?

Second snack:

raw mineral rich crusts

Ingredients: pumpkin seeds, black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds, flax seeds, garlic, onion, dulce flakes, sea salt. It’s like a thick cracker made out of compressed seeds. Haven’t tried this one either, but I’ll keep you guys posted on how these taste!

I also got a little tin of dark-chocolate covered cacao nibs. Because you never know when the chocolate craving will strike!

It’s hard to believe that I’m finally leaving!!! AHHH, I’M HEADING BACK TO THE MOTHERLAND! Half of my friends are already there, so I’m excited to meet up with them. I’ll be going to China soon too! I’m going to eat some unbelievably good food while I’m in Asia, so look forward to those posts! I won’t be blogging as frequently, but I’ll make sure when I do, my posts will be lengthy and full of food porn.

See you on the other side! :D



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