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july 17: another family gathering

Just the way that my maternal relatives all gathered for dinner on Friday, everyone on my dad’s side met up on Saturday for lunch at DooMahReh. It’s an upscalish restaurant in Bundang that serves fusion Korean food – a mix of modern and cultural Korean cuisine. Everyone (all my aunts, uncles, cousins, & grandma) got the lunch special, which was about 15 courses all for under $20. That’s a damn good deal, if you ask me. But because our group was so large, most of the main courses were served family-style.

Here’s all the food that were served, in the order that they came out in:

amuse bouches: pumpkin jook and a small bowl of water kimchi

smoked salmon summer roll - for such an oily fish, this bite was surprisingly refreshing

sashimi wasn't the best, but that's probably because i've had so much good seafood on this trip

traditional korean japchae: vermicelli noodles sauteed with onions, carrots, greens, etc.

iceberg & spinach salad with a sweet-spicy peppercorn (i think?) dressing

jellyfish tossed with a mustardy, spicy-in-your-nose sauce and topped with shrimp

flat rounds of grilled dduk, garnished with mugwort and jujubes & served with honey - crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside :d

nakjee bokgeum: a veeerrry tender, spicy, almost smoky, squid dish

an earthy, savory dish with mushrooms and octopus - i guess this what you would call umami

smoked duck meat served with sweet daikon wraps and spicy scallions

fried fish with an orange spicy-sweet sauce

a jook made with ggehneep seeds and mushrooms. it's nutty and savory, but i didn't really like the aftertaste

rice was served in hot stone bowls so you could make noorengjee - see how the rice crisped up on the edges?

grilled fish of some sort

dwenjang jjeegae!

a whole buttload of banchan: kimchi, sauteed veggies, pickles, etc.

what looks like an orange sorbet was served for dessert; it's actually a semi-frozen persimmon

And everyone enjoyed cupcakes that my aunt brought; she owns a cupcake store called “Lynn’s Cupcakes” in a couple of places in Seoul.

a pretty variety of cupcakes: coffee, vanilla, lemon, strawberry, chocolate mint...

They’re different than the cupcakes you get in New York – these are lighter and more like a chiffon cake while the cream is also light and creamy. These are definitely more appealing to the Korean palate than the denser, Magnolia’s or Crumb’s cupcakes.

Lots of pictures, not a lot of words on this post; I’m finally almost all caught up with my blogging, WHEW. Nothing too exciting has been going on the past few days, so I haven’t taken a lot of pictures. But there’s stuff planned for this week, so look forward to that :D.




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