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july 21: out with the cuzzes

My cousins slept over my grandma and grandpa’s house yesterday, so my mom took my 2 girl cousins, Calynn, and me to the mall to eat lunch today. It wasn’t really a mall, but more like a shopping/eatery building… It’s kind of hard to explain. –;

Our lunch was at a family-restaurant/steakhouse called Vips.

atmosphere shot. ignore the strange blue light coming from outside; mixed lighting makes for weird photos.

The entrees can get a little pricey (beef is expensive in Korea!), but they have a freaking amazing salad bar so we settled on ordering 2 main dishes and the rest of us just going for the food on the buffet line.

greens, seafood, pizza, pasta, soups, breads, ice cream, fruit, noodle bar, rice bar, coffee machine, salad bar, etc...

Everyone got their own thing at the salad bar, although I think I filled up my plate the most. Look at that mountain of vegetables.

my plate: loaded up on the garden and mixed veggie salad. caprese and a little bit of seafood on the side for protein.

Then the entrees came out:

new york strip served on a hot stone plate with a side of a garlic-mushroom thing

Even though we asked for medium-rare, the steak came out rare; but it turns out that the Vips chefs purposely undercook the meat so that it can cook on the stone plate as it sits on your table.

the meat. it sizzles.

bulgogi sauce siroin steak with a side of french fries

The meat must’ve been good because my family ate all of it. While they were enjoying their steaks, the side also came out:

seafood gratin: crab meat, shrimp, veggies etc. Calynn said it tasted like seafood pizza.

I went back to the buffet and helped my self to a bowl of ahl-bap, or mixed fish roe rice.

roe rice: radish sprouts, nori, shaved carrot, scallions, mixed rice

so many veggies that i couldn't spoon it out; i twirled it with my fork instead.

After our lunch my mom and I dropped off my cousins and my sister at the movies so they could watch Shrek 4 while we did some shopping.

movie lobby? is that what it's called?

After the movie was done and we had done our shopping, we went back home where dinner was waiting. It was the usual grandma meal, ‘cept with this new addition:

savory potato pancakes: this dish brings back a loooot of childhood memories (:

Now that dinner’s over and I’m stuffed with watermelon, I’m just about to wash up and call it a day. I’m planning on going to Insadong tomorrow, so hopefully tomorrow’s post will be nice and long. I’ll try to take lots of pictures for you guys – I just hope Korean vendors aren’t as scary as Chinese ones ><.



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