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july 23: training and such

Today was an eventful day in that I actually hung out with my friends; I’ve been so busy spending time with family that this was the first time I just chilled with my group of friends. On the down side, I didn’t get to take that many pictures because of that. Ah, well. Here’s what happened today:

I definitely feel that I started my day off right with a veggie-ful breakfast:

my bibimbap bowl: sprouts, raddichio, baby greens, and cucs with a sunny-side up egg on rice

with a dollop of gochujang we stole from the asiana plane. we're scrubs in that way.

i added so many veggies my bibimbap somehow turned into a salad..

Then I fed snails. That’s right, snails. They’re my little cousin’s and we were taking care of them for the day.

snails apparently like apple peels

Then I enjoyed a couple of snacks..

skinny and longish, considering they're potatoes

fuchsia purple flesh that's mildly sweet, with a skin that's slightly bitter

a looming mound of soft, pillowy mugwort dduk studded with beans and chestnuts

look at how fluffy it is - it could almost be bread

In the afternoon, I headed to GangNam for a training session for a volunteer thing I’m doing at a music camp.

discussing serious things with not-so-serious faces

working hard or hardly working?

I enjoyed a black sesame dduk during the meeting; no, I’m not a dduk pig. The green one pictured earlier in the post was eaten by my mom.

not as spongy, but still lighter than most traditional dduks

And that’s all for today. I feel bad for not taking a lot of pictures, but it’s because I went to Coex Mall, and I know for sure that I’m definitely going to go there again. So I guess you’ll just have to wait for those!

Waking up early tomorrow to play tennis, so good night!



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