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july 26-28: beethoven virus camp & tofumania

Sorry I haven’t been able to update; even though I came back from the BV camp 2 days ago, it’s been pretty hectic so the time I have to blog has been somewhat limited.

The Beethoven Virus Camp is one organized by my friend’s mom, and it’s a 3 day trip to PyeongChang where underprivileged kids can receive music lessons, showcase their newly learned skills, and have fun. A group of my friends volunteered there for the past couple of days as assistants to help keep the camp running smoothly.

different groups of kids from different areas of korea

children's choir

brass section: tuba, euphonium, trombone

helping out with the lights/sound system

clarinet trio

sing-a-long time

the "funny band" that performed on the first night

volunteers taking apart banana bunches for easy distribution

play time: the human knot game

group jump-roping

It was a fun and rewarding trip, and although I came back exhausted, I’m glad I went. The Wednesday I came back, my family welcomed me with open arms by taking me to a restaurant called DuHyang.

the display in front of the restaurant that shows how soybeans are turned into tofu

2 sitting areas - you either sit on the floor or on a chair. we opted for the former.

DuHyang specializes in soybean dishes, so most of the menu highlights some sort of vegetal protein matter, whether it be in the form of ground up soybeans or tofu. There was a lot to choose from, but my family ended up getting 2 appetizers to share and 1 entrée for each person.

huge dumplings with thin, homemade, chewy skins

innards: mung beans, scallions, onions, tofu, pork

The  dumplings were HUGE – the size of my fist – and they were really good. Although there were lots of vegetables for extra crunchiness, there was a high pork to tofu ratio so it was a little greasy for my tastes. I prefer my dumplings almost all tofu.

seafood pancake made with ground up soybean batter and topped with shrimp, squid, scallions & peppers

whole soybeans sprinkled on top

The pancake was also really good, with the huge variety of ingredients that were used as the toppings. My favorite parts were the whole soybeans and long strands of scallions on top. This too was a little greasy for me, but the flavor was good enough that I kept eating my piece.

various banchan: kimchi, mook, seasoned soybeans, zucchini, pickled radish

grandpa's konggooksoo

my spice tofu stew with slices of whole tofu, mushrooms, zucchini, clams, onions

I actually think that my stew was one of the better main courses that we got. Although the broth was thin and light, it was spicier than it looked – really good to eat with my rice.

calynn's soondoobu, or soft tofu stew

PURPLE RICE. i like.

I stuffed myself, then went home and passed out. The end.

So I know this post is a little late, and I still have to blog about what I did yesterday too – I’ll work hard to stay up to date. If you guys want to see more picture from the Beethoven Virus Camp, check out my Facebook – I uploaded an entire album with pictures taken from those 3 days.




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