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pyeongchang day 1: the sky garden

I’M BAAAAAACK. I know I was dearly missed by all of you; there must’ve been a gaping hole these past 3 days with this sad lack of posts on YEN, but the next few posts should make up for it. That’s what I’m hoping for, anyways.

MOVING ON. The reason I went on a family vacation was because my aunt was kind enough to rent a condo for my family, her and her kids, and the grandparents for a few days. We went to a place called Phoenix Park in PyeongChang (yeah, the same place as the Beethoven Virus Camp) and had fun, laid back, and relaxed for those days. Because that’s what you do on vacations.

It was a 3-hourish ride there, made longer than usual because of summer break traffic. To keep up our energy (because riding in a car can get so exhausting) on our way there we got some hohdoo guajah, or walnut crackers,which are actually neither walnuts nor crackers. They’re walnut-shaped cakes with red-bean and walnuts inside, served piping hot in a paper bag. Upon being eaten, they tend to give you a warm yummy in the tummy.

Considering it was well past lunchtime when we checked into our hotel, I guess the next sensible thing to do was to get lunch; it was a simple, Korean-style meal and most of the dishes contained the famous Pyeong-Chang buckwheat.

banchan: kimchi, garlic scapes, acorn mook, spinach

fish roe rice: pre & post-mixing

a jjigae, or stew, of some sort. its gots lots of mountain veggies.

bibimbap veggies

bibimbap rice; you can see the buckwheat mixed in with the white rice. yay for carbs made healthy!


a tangy-sweet buckwheat mook soup on the side

a spicy squid and pork hot pot-ish thing

The food was alright – nothing amazing but nothing bad; everything tasted good and it was interesting to see what the local fare was like. We were eating at a cafeteria-like setting, so I’m thinking that this was above-average for this kind of place.

In the winter, PyeongChang is a huge ski attraction with all its ginormous mountains that I’m sure are white and snow-covered come November. As of right now though, they’re lush and green with mysterious fog-covered peaks and ski-lifts that work even in the summer.

We spent a couple of hours of loafing around on our stomachs, trying to pretend we were all focusing on digesting our meals, because stomach activity just requires so much CONCENTRATION. And the white cotton sheets were so INVITING. I do lurve me some clean laundry-smelling bed linens. Just as everyone was about to doze off, my mom and aunt woke everyone up from their food and clean cotton-induced stupors, saying we should do some exploring instead of lazying about.

So that’s how we ended up adventuring in…


Melodramatic, I know. There’s a sky, and there’s a garden. I was expecting something along the lines of levitating plants. But Phoenix Park boasts a variety of herbs and greenstuffs that survives at an altitude of… really, really high.

The Sky Garden was a huge field of various fauna planted along the side of the mountain, and you had to hike up the path to really see all the plants. Don’t let the picture deceive you – it was actually pretty steep. I swear, it really was.

My family got tired after a while, so I trekked on alone, braving the slippery, wet grass in flimsy flip-flops. As I was suffering on my climb uphill, I noticed there were lots of pretty flowers. And pretty flowers call for lots of pictures.

sunflowers confused on a cloudy day

dragonfly. there are a lot of them at this height. it must be because they like fall-ish weather.

clover. aka nature's pompoms.

fuzzy blue feelers


garden path

I almost got to the top, but my sister called, saying I had to go back. Poopers. I was so close too. I took one last picture before heading back down to the hotel.

Then I went back to the condo, ate dinner, then slept. And that’s how my first day at PyeongChang ended. Abrupt, huh?

Days 2 & 3 should be up soon. That is, if I have time between all this crazy Seoul-crawling we’ve been doing lately in this God-forsaken heat. The humidity’s so bad right now, I’m actually sticking to my computer as I type this so I think I’ll just end off here.

G’nite all!



One thought on “pyeongchang day 1: the sky garden

  1. HI ! I’m thinking of going to Pyeong Chang but in the Winter
    Is it worth it? I don’t know if it is worth the trip out there – is there much to do ?

    Posted by MICHELLE | August 25, 2017, 5:22 am

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