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pyeongchang day 2: how to train your dragon… fly

The second day at PyeongChang, my family all headed over to the resort’s water park for some good ol’ summer fun. We splished and splashed among the many water slides and wave pools for a couple of hours before heading back to the hotel room. Sorry there aren’t any pictures, but I didn’t want my DSLR getting wet – you guys know what pools and slides look like, don’t you? Imagine huge blue blobs with random tubes coming out of them. Then imagine people playing in the blobs and tubes. Those people were us for a couple of hours.

After washing up and resting back in our condo, we set out to explore some of the other attractions at Phoenix Park.

And all of those attractions happen to be at the top of the mountain. So we rode a gondola all the way up – gondola as in a ski lift, not those banana-shaped boats you ride in Venice.

We went up.

And up.

And up.

view from somewhere in the middle of the ride. you couldn't even see anything at the top.

The higher we got, the less we could see. I thought we were surrounded by mist until I realized we were climbing INTO THE CLOUDS. I kinda hoped that we would be surrounded by white, fluffy cotton balls of moisture but it ended up being just gray and wet. What a letdown.

Once we got to the top,  we walked through fields of daisies…

To get to..

A sheep farm.

Where you can get up-close and personal to these sheep in all their wooly goodness.

And feed them pellets of sheep-food.

It’s a sick, twisted world where sheep have to rely on tourists in order to survive. SICK and TWISTED, I tell you.

Nah, I’m kidding. These furry guys all looked plump and well-fed, regardless of how they get their food. It’s mostly an entertainment thing for the kids.

Up at the top of the mountain, the climate must be ideal for dragonflies because there are about a million of them flying everywhere.

We set about catching them. The trick is to come from behind them and grip their wings together with two fingers, like so.

my mom's dragon

Dragonflies everywhere better watch out when my grandma is on the prowl, because she is the DRAGONFLY MASTER. Catches them as easily as she catches running, hyper grandchildren.

a massacre. 'cept they're not dead. but you get the point.

My sister is but a mere apprentice.

Once we were done frolicking through the green fields catching dragonflies, we headed over to the mini-zoo which also happened to be at the top of the mountain.

On our way there, we tried nuhl-jumping, which is kind of a mix between see-saw and catapulting. It’s not as dangerous as it sounds, I promise. It’s a game where 2 people on either end of a flat board try to time their jumps so they go higher and higher every time.

For my family, it was the ultimate fail.

Not once did my sister and my mom get the timing right. Or my sister and my cousin. Or my sister and my grandma. So yeah, maybe it was just a fail on my sister’s part.

After realizing we were somewhat incapable of nuhl-ing, my family slowly walked our way over to the zoo. That was when…

Where. We. Saw. This.


HE’S SO CUTE. SO CUTE. SO CUTE. SOSOSOSOSOOOO CUTE. This little guy was nomming away at some shrubbery a few feet away from zoo, where some of his tamer cousins were being kept.

momma and babies



We AWWWWWWW-ed over the rabbits for the longest time; we just couldn’t walk away. Every time we tried to move on, these wee little fuzzballs just DREW US BACK IN – their power is actually quite frightening. Eventually we managed to fight the curse of their doey bunny-eyes and managed to make our way over to the bird area.

His butt isn’t nearly as magnificent.

But still, we got to see some peacock courtship in action.

Sorry ya stud, but it looked like the hen was playing hard-to-get; she didn’t look over to the male even once. Ah, poor guy. Better luck next time.

There were also other various winged creatures, clucking, gobbling and honkin’ around.

goose with unusually unattractive forehead. not that i'm usually attracted to geese..

a "golden" chicken. or at least that what it's called. but that don't look like no chicken to me.

yes folks, this is what you eat on thanksgiving.

After looking at all the animals, we took a couple of family pictures then headed back down on the ski-lift. The ride was pretty eventful – the sequence of things that we saw on our way down went something like: mist! trees! ground!

the condos, from a bird's-eye view

You see those blue tentish things on the lower left-hand corner of the previous picture? That’s where we headed next for our “family self barbecue.”

Grilling your own meat over an outdoor, charcoal grill is something of a novelty in Korea – so much so that Phoenix Park decided to make this a dinner choice. When we signed in our names, the barbecue staff gave us a cooler full of various meats and veggies for grilling, and led us to our canopied table complete with a charcoal-filled grill.

the grill

the meats

meet together to make delicious, smoky food

There were also a couple of dishes given as sides, like mook salad.

And an old-school bento bibimbap.

That you put on top of the grill so it gets all nice and crispy.

And sausages.

And a summer barbecue always leads to quality family bonding.


say 'aaah'

the grill was wo-manned by my mom

And that’s how I ended my 2nd day at PyeongChang.



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