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august 12: from incheon to newark

I know, I know; I came home 2 days ago so this post is most definitely overdue. But with all the running around I’ve been doing, going to the doctor’s, the orthodontist’s, and shopping for college I haven’t had time to blog since I’ve come back to the States. I won’t be blogging for a while either; I’m going to Florida as a volunteer for Habitats for Humanity and the day after I come back, I’m off to the Hamilton orientation. Plus, while I’m away I’m having my computer reset and formatted with Windows 7. So I guess today officially marks the hiatus of my blogging until I get settled in college. And how long is that gonna take? Well I can’t say for sure, but I’ll make sure to have YEN up & running as soon as possible – of course I have to share with you guys what I’m going to be doing in Hamilton!

But until then, I’ll try to make it up to you guys by making today a DOUBLE POST DAY :O. Writing 2 consecutive posts is no joke, so let’s get started shall we?

Most of Thursday was spent packing all the stuff we had bought in Korea. It didn’t seem like much when we bought it, but it sure did pile up; we ended up filling 3 huge suitcases and 2 immigration bags full of stuff. Once we had scoured my grandparents’ apartment of any of our possessions, we hauled all of our things into an airport shuttle bus and made our way over to Incheon Airport.

standing in line to check in at asiana

Once we had gotten our boarding passes and checked-in our luggage, my tummy started a-grumblin’. I was looking around for a decent place to eat, when LO AND BEHOLD I SAW THIS:

bizeun at the airport: a dream come true

YESSS!!! I CAN NOW HAVE MY FILL OF SWEET, CHEWY, RICE-DENSE CAKES!!! That’s what was going through my headed when I saw those this little kiosk. I sprinted over there and scanned the rows of dduk they had available; although there wasn’t as much variety as the Bizeun in Insadong, I still had a tough time choosing a reasonable amount of dduk that I could finish before my plane left.

I ended up getting 3 kinds:

DONUT DDUK!! mugwort flavor with red bean


it's like a jelly doughnut. but it's not... red bean inside an injuhlmee dduk

and a more bread-ish variety, also with red bean in it

Of course I shared my carby treats with my family, but that didn’t stop me from almost inhaling my portion. Dduk in Korea is so good.. They just don’t make them like these in the States. ;_;

After finishing the dduk, my family started heading over for the gates where we would say our final goodbyes and take a last couple of pictures together.

It was sad, knowing that we weren’t going to see my aunt, my grandparents and my cousin for at least another year or so. Everyone got a little teary, but we promised to call each other often and keep in touch through email.

My mom, Calynn and I shopped around in a couple of duty-free stores before finally boarding the plane.

economy class... at least we still get personal tv thingies

Dinner was served a couple of hours after take-off, but neither of the meals appealed to me (steak or bulgogi – in my experience, airplane meat has never been a good thing..) so I just settle for veggies from Calynn’s meal.

tube o' veg. i think they were supposed to be used as wraps for the bulgogi.

Even though I slept for most of it (I tried to fight the jetlag, but being on a plane is just sooo booooooring..), it was a long 14-hour ride…

When I wasn’t sleeping, I was looking outside my window to entertain myself.

purtiful. you can see the moon!

a sea of fluffy-lookin' clouds. don't you want to frolick in it? too bad you would fall to your death if you did.

wispy clouds above fluffy clouds. it's a cloud hierarchy.

I actually took these pictures about an hour before landing. We arrived in Newark a little before 9, picked up our luggage and tried to sleep when we get home. Our Korea trip was finally over, and we were back to facing reality with our jetlagged selves. Oh, how fun.



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