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a mishmash of thing neither here nor there

It’s fall.

There’s definitely a crispness in the air that wasn’t there a week ago. And it smells like autumn. That’s how I’m positive it’s fall – I’m telling you, the nose knows.

Anyways,you know how I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I had so much blog ends to tie up? Yeah, well I went through all my pictures yesterday and finished cropping/editing them. They are now sitting nice and tidy in my external hard drive, just waiting to be uploaded and blogged about. But they’re just so random. And I’m too lazy to write up separate posts for each them. And there aren’t nearly enough pictures from these random moments to make a decent-length post, so I’m just gonna smoosh them all together in this one, huge, totally incohesive narrating about stuff that happened anywhere from a month to 3 days ago. Yay for confusing jumbled messes!

I’ll start off by at least trying to be organized; this chunk of the post will be about my adventure to Clinton with a group of my friends. It was a friend’s birthday, so we all decided to head down the hill for a laid-back Saturday celebration.

walking. 30 minutes of it.

We passed by the Hamilton wall.

And strolled into the small town of Clinton where we quicly located and entered the College Street Cafe.

a house that's been remodeled into a cafe

cookies, candies, sugar, honey, creams and milks to accompany your coffee

Warm drinks and food was ordered.

Board games were played.

Homemade baked goods were longed for.

m&m and chocolate covered pretzels

Then bought, and promptly consumed.

an uber-cinnamon roll

Mouse traps were set,

music was played,

and milkshakes were drunken from mason jars.

It was a grand, old time, and it was good getting off-campus and chilling with friends.

Then a few days later, we had a tasting/cooking session in my Food for Thought class. With summer just ending, my professor brought us a bunch of heirloom tomatoes to sample. I didn’t bring my camera to class that day, but I did manage to bring some leftover tomatoes to my dorm for picture-taking purposes. And eating purposes. They were every bit as delicious and unique as they look.

beeyootiful in their own ugly way

like stained glass :O

more stained glass

You know, a lot of people think tomatoes are tomatoes are tomatoes. But I hope that through my pictures, you can see that that’s really not the case. There are so many different varieties of tomatoes out there, each with its own unique color, shape, and flavor. Through my food class sampling, I could taste that some some tomatoes were distinctly fruity, while others had more of a bell-pepper taste; some were even a little savory! People think of tomatoes as something to layer in-between sandwiches or cook down into pasta sauce, but there’s so much more to them than that. And come on, would you really want to hide these beautiful tomatoes in slices of bread? Yeah, so just get out there to try out some of these guys, and move away from the gas-ripened tomatoes you find all too often at the supermarket. And yes, tomatoes are a fruit.

We also made some very basic pasta made from just barley flour, semolina flour, and water. My professor had a guest speaker come in and tell us about his summer experience in rural Italy, where he really learned to appreciate simple home-made food from local ingredients. Like I said, no camera in class that day, but I did take my pasta back to my dorm for a photo shoot.


post-drying and flipping

My classmates and I learned to make 5 different pasta shapes, but I liked these little orchiette the best because they look like little hats. :)

Now to go off on a totally non-food related topic, a few days later I joined the photography club for a little light-drawing session they put together. It was in a really sketchy basement, but really fun once I got over the fact that there weren’t any bodies hidden in the corner or anything.

Here are a few fun pictures from the shoot.

smiley face!

illuminated sad face!



I couldn’t stay as long as I wanted to, but we still had a good time playing around with flashlights and shutter speed. This is the kind of stuff you really can’t do by yourself, so it was fun to have a bunch of photo nerds get together and mess around this :D.

Now going back to food…

I’ve been going to the farm pretty often recently because there’s always so much work that needs to be done there. After a long hard day of weeding last week, I was rewarded for all my efforts with these beautiful roots:

ew, dirty hands. but pretty carrots. :)

Did you know that carrots could be purple? I didn’t. These guys were a lot smaller and less sweet than the carrots you’ll find at the grocery market, but they tasted very… carroty.

I stole some hummus from the dining hall and ate them and a bell pepper for a snack the other day.

So… Good… I’m obsessed with hummus. Which is a good thing because I probably wouldn’t be getting enough protein if I wasn’t. The hummus at the salad bar can be a hit or a miss, but when it’s a hit, ohmygosh it is SO GOOD. Reminds me of the time when I made hummus from scratch.

Great. Now I’m really craving Greek food. Which is definitely not easily found in this part of central NY. Sadness… :(

And now I’ve gone and made myself all homesick. But at least I got all the pictures uploaded! WOOOOOOT! Huge task accomplished!!! I hope you guys were able to stay with me through all the twists and turns of this totally random post.

Just wanted to share with y’all that today’s national Slow Food Day! My Food for Thought class is meeting up in the garden later for a “dig-in” and I’ll definitely be taking pictures there, so look for that post later this week. ‘Tis very exciting. So try lessening your food mileage and eating awesome, homemade meals today, ok?

That’s all for now; happy eating you guys!

P.S. I just wanted to share that my plant now has plants.

And THAT is why my plant is cooler than your plant. HAH.



2 thoughts on “a mishmash of thing neither here nor there

  1. Wow! Why did I not stumble across your blog sooner?
    Great photos and great vegetables! I almost envy you for the great foods you get to sample… that stuff is pretty expensive for normal college students

    Posted by Brian | September 25, 2010, 4:12 pm

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