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kooorean food!


Alright, now before I get too ahead of myself, I should explain how this gaping hole in my stomach was finally filled to burst last Saturday.

It’s because my parents drove up to visit me!! For an early birthday celebration! YAYY!!! TIME TO BASK IN THE TENDER LOVING CARE OF MY MOMMY AND MY DADDY!!!

And that’s exactly what I did. It was soo good to be able to bask in the love of my parents after going almost a month without seeing them. And of course they brought up tons of food, both of the snacking and the Korean variety.

The weather was beautiful that day, so we ended up tailgating it out in one of the student parking lots.

picnic/tailgate korean feast!

When my mom asked me what kind of food I wanted to eat that day, all I told her was, “Umma, can you make me some plain, everyday food that I would eat at any given mealtime?” I just wanted to eat was the kind of the food that I’d eat on a normal day at home. And that’s exactly the food that my mom made.

chewy, sticky rice that's been made in a rice cooker! IT'S BEEN TOO LONG MY CARBY FRIEND~

various banchan! mushrooms, mung bean sprouts, spinach, & soy-marinated brisket


and because it's my birthday... meeyuk (seaweed) soup

what i've been dreaming about for the past month

You know the saying, “You never know what you have until it’s gone?” SO TRUE FOR MOM’S HOMEMADE FOOD. Even though this was all pretty standard, basic stuff, it tasted so gooood. Everything tasted so RIGHT. Don’t get me wrong, the food at Hamilton is excellent, but sometimes you really do need that homecooked meal.

my mom and my dad are the bestest parents EVERRR <3

After our totally Asian tailgate, my parents and I went to the Clinton Cider Mill – one of the few attractions in the tiny village of Clinton.

note my dad posing for the camera right next to the american flag..

I didn’t really know what to expect because I’ve never been to a cider mill before. But a lot of the upperclassmen had recommended this place, so I thought it’d be a nice spot to go to when my parents were in town. AND I’M SO GLAD I WENT BECAUSE IT WAS A SUPER AWESOME EXPERIENCE :D

the door: there be cider in tharr

Once we walked in to the mill, we were greeted by a huge red that took up nearly the entire store. Turns out that this was the cider press, and we were lucky enough to have gone in when it was actually making cider.


a separate apple-washing machine

vats of apple getting squeeeezed to release their juices

after pressing, the leftover peels and pulp are spit out into a dumpster outside


Yeah, my parents and I thought so too – this was totally different from any of the stuff we’ve ever experienced. So being the total touristy Asian we are, we oohed and aahed over everything while standing in line to order.


this is about as a busy any place in clinton's gonna get

butters, salsas, jams and such

apples.. obviously.


lol they're so ugly



cider bottlin' dude



As we got closer and closer to the counter, the enticing smell of cider doughnuts grew ever. So. Stronger.



I. Spy. Dough. Nuts..!

doughnut makin' lady - this is where the magic happens.


These doughnuts are actually legendary on campus. So of course we had to get one.


cider mill doughnut, cold and hot cider. could a fall day get any perfecter?

I really like the hot, mulled cider. Appley (but not in that Mott’s apple-concentrate kind of way) and hot, with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. MMM.





We were foolish not to get the cinnamon-sugar coated doughnut. Because it would’ve raised this cakey, cider-y ring o’ dough to a WHOLE ‘NUTHER LEVEL. Ah, well next time.

We chillaxed for a bit at the cider mill, enjoying our doughnut and cider, and eating some of the pumpkin bread my parents brought me.


i love pumpkin. and pumpkin spice. it tastes like FALL.


Then I took one last picture of my dad with the old-fashioned cider-press..


my dad is AWESOME :D


And we went off for a drive. The weather was amazing and the scenery gorgeous.


fields and fields of this one grass.


But you know, there’s really nothing to do in rural central New York because it tends to be all farmland. So after a short drive, we headed back to the school where a bunch of Korean kids were getting together for a Korean-style barbecue dinner. See, I’m not the only one who absolutely NEEDS Korean food like this.


the girls worked, the guys lounged. ah, what'd you expect.


My friend’s parents came too, so we were able to put together a pretty decent spread.


bulgogi - marinated short ribs. MMMM

on the grill

and on the pan

and ready for the table!

my friend's dad, hard at work


props to the parents for putting this meal together!


and the one guy (other than the dads) who actually cooked something..

Hmm… Maybe “pretty decent” is an understatement..





a spam, sausage, and veggie mix in the works

a hot, spicy mess of pork and carby rice cakes.

and of course, you have to have kimchijjigae

sautee, sautee

and grilled veggies - YES!!


After everything was cooked, the plates were washed, and the table set, we were all ready to EAT.

And so the feasting began.

Alright I’ll admit, there were a lot of leftovers. And I limited myself to the tofu, the grilled veggies, and the leftover banchan from our lunch. But it felt really good to get out of the dining halls and eat in a family setting, you know?

And so that concludes my day of Korean fooding! It seemed like a lot at the time, but I think it’s barely enough to tide me over until fall break – WHICH STARTS TOMORROW!!!




I am so, so, SO excited to be going home. I’m gonna wake up in my own BED, look out my own WINDOW, eat my mom’s food in my HOUSE. Ah. These next 28 hours cannot possibly go by fast enough.

And alright, I’ll admit that I’ve been falling behind (once again) on the blogging front. It’s hard, you know! And the photos have been starting to pile up again… But fear not, I’ll get through them during fall break!

So the next time I’ll be posting will probably be from my room (!) – see you guys then~ :D



9 thoughts on “kooorean food!

  1. This made my mouth water…………………..
    You sound so genuinely happy! I love ittt haha

    Posted by Christine Lee | October 12, 2010, 10:12 am
  2. your mom’s KIMCHI JJIGAE looks awesome! hmmmmmm~~~~

    Posted by Jai | October 12, 2010, 11:07 am

    Posted by Janice Byun | October 12, 2010, 6:29 pm
  4. younice you are the most adorable bubble of a person i have ever perchanced my eyes on
    i haven’t missed korean food at all until i read this post, damn you and your ridiculously amazing photos!

    Posted by Andrea Kang | October 12, 2010, 7:49 pm
  5. Gahh, I love this post so much. Reading it literally relieved some of my stress lol. Like the previous comments have stated (with additional details):

    1) your ridiculously amazing pictures made my mouth water
    2) your ridiculously amazing pictures of all that ridiculously, amazingly, delicious Korean food made me crave so much for some good eating.
    3) i miss my parents
    4) cannot wait to pig out in bbq


    Posted by Prianka | October 19, 2010, 11:18 pm

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