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living sushi, round 2

Wow, is this for real? A blog post TWICE in TWO DAYS??? IN COLLEGE?!!

You better believe it.

Truth is, I was going through my hard drive yesterday and I realized that I’d only posted 4 times in the entire month of October. And that was really depressing.

Blogging is something that I really love to do, and it’s sad how neglected this site has been the past few months. I remember when I used to post everyday when I was in Korea – now those were the days, weren’t they? I really liked sharing what I did and ate everyday with you guys too. Looking back on how much blogging has been shoved aside recently, I’ve decided that it needs to come the front burner again.

Now priorities are priorities, and granted, I’m still a college student with a life that’s nowhere as exciting as it was in Korea, but I’m gonna put a more conscious effort into blogging. That and the number of pictures I have to upload is getting ridiculous again. SOOO… HERE WE GOOOO!!!

Back to fall break, in New Jersey. I mentioned in yesterday’s post how I wanted to “taste” Bergen County. And while Umeya satisfied my sushi craving for all of 12 hours, I still needed to go to Living Sushi Restaurant in Tappan. Because really, seafood is only served twice a month in central New York schools. While dietitians recommend seafood twice a week and my body demands it twice a day. :D

So I have posted about this restaurant before, in the “local favorites” post. So yes, some of the dishes will be familiar, but I think this is worth putting up again. It’s a real family restaurant, and my dad’s bffed out with the owners, so we get all kinds of exclusive goodies, like special types of house kimchi.

But edmame and carrots are just given to everyone. Good to nom on nevertheless. Especially with dwenjang, pictured in the back.

Various assorted mollusks, fresh as can be. YES, GIVE ME MY SEAFOOD FIX!!!

This is a special dish: avocado and crab meat with a Thousand Islandy dressing. I <3 avocado.

Freshly boiled cuttlefish, with gochujang. Brings back memories of Korea, don’t it.

Vegetable tempura – ’twas squash and onion that night I believe.

Scallion seafood pancake! Crispy, delicious goodness with chunks o’ squid and scallion hiding in the smooshy inside.

White fish soup! This is pretty much just a clear broth flavored with all the leftover bits of the fish that aren’t used for our sushi. So while there’s no real body to it, it’s still really tasty. They add lemon to it, which makes it a very clean fish taste, rather than a fishy fish taste, if that makes any sense.

More mollusks! Steamed and topped with a spicy vegetable sauce.

MY FAVORITEEEE. Pregnant sardines – so these guys (gals?) are chock full o’ roe. Eating one of these is like a really yummy fish massacre.

Now you have to realize, that all the food that came until now was FREE. Or at least, you don’t pay any extra for them – they just come with your main order. AREN’T KOREAN RESTAURANTS AWESOME??

So while my family and I were getting full just from eating our side dishes, the main sushi platter arrived.

Oh, yeah.

rows and rows of perfectly sliced sashimi

It was a lot fish. And we ate all of it. From the picture above, you might’ve gotten a sense of the 360° of wonderful raw fish on that huge platter. There was a good variety of sashimi too: tuna, toro, salmon, octopus, uni, sea squirt, sea cucumber, mackerel, and a couple of other stuff that I don’t know the name of.

So while this fish wasn’t the same quality as the sashimi from Umeya, that’s not to say it wasn’t good. The quality was still excellent, and everything was very fresh – it’s just that Umeya sets the bar unnaturally high. And Living Sushi gives you more bang for your buck – look at that huge dish! And whereas Umeya sushi is served Japanese style, we always eat our sashimi “Korean” style at this restaurant – that is, with a dab of gochujang and ssamed up in a lettuce or perilla leaf.

There’s no waste either – all the parts of the parts of the fish that aren’t used for the sashimi (so pretty much the bones, the head, the tail, etc.) are thrown into a pot with spices, vegetables, and tofu, then served boiling hot to your table.

Resulting in absolutely glorious hotpot mess of spicy, fish goodness, literally called “spicy stew.” This came included in our meal too.


So…  regardless of my increased risk of mercury poisoning, I absolutely gorged on seafood over fall break.

The End.


Next post: stuffing as much mom-made, home-cooked Korean meals during fall break as humanly possible. HOOYAHH!



3 thoughts on “living sushi, round 2

  1. I have a really tough time with korean-style sushi. We had it in the summer before I left for school. Especially stuff like mollusks.. (That’s gul in korean, right?) The smell is too strong for me and I can’t eat it, even though my family tells me that I will love it. Maybe one day…

    Posted by Brooke | November 1, 2010, 6:35 pm
    • yeah, you should definitely try it!
      i don’t think it’s the fish that’s so much different – it’s more the way it’s served and eaten
      although koreans do eat stuff like sea squirt and mollusks that i haven’t really seen in japanese sushi restaurants
      did you see my post about the fish market while i was in korea? SOO GOOOOOOD. next time you’re there, definitely give it a try :D

      Posted by minyungee | November 3, 2010, 10:50 am


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