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a Valentine’s Day chocolate tasting

Happy Valentine’s Day all!

And for anyone who’s single… Happy Valentine’s Day anyways! Love is a wonderful thing – there’s no reason to be bitter about it, is there?

What I AM bitter about is this weather. Ugh, I swear it was almost 50ºF today – warm enough for me to hope that maybe spring was on it’s way. But you know, Mother Nature kind of hates Hamilton – within a few hours, it started raining. Then sleeting. Then snowing.

Ah, my naive freshman hopes were dashed so quickly.

Anyways, this is the reason why Hamilton has FebFest! The way upperclassmen describe it, FebFest is a Hamilton-sponsored week of festivities, in an effort to try to cheer up the campus when everybody’s sick and tired of the winter.

Kicking off FebFest, Bon Appétit hosted a Chocolate Tasting today! For all those who might be feeling snow-sick, or trying to drown their sorrows of being single in chocolate.

I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed – I was expecting it to be an actual tasting. You know, with high-quality bars of chocolate ranging from the not-actually-chocolate white chocolate and steadily increasing to the gorgeously, luxurious bitter 85% that I adore.

But alas, my chocoholic dreams were not to be realized. This was pretty much just a pig-out of chocolate goods, for anyone who really, really craved chocolate.

Which, it turns out, includes quite a bunch of students on Valentine’s Day.

students anxiously waiting to pounce on the goods

But as chocolate-crazy as all these students were, they all had to wait; Before any tasting could actually happen, Professor Williams of the Science Department gave everyone a brief rundown/history of chocolate.

chocolate lectures - the best kind!

Once the professor had educated everyone on chocolate’s history, hormonal effects and varieties, we were allowed to dig in to masses and masses of:

chocolate-dipped macarons

chocolate mousse

chocolate cheesecake, regular chocolate cake

chocolate rice crispie squares

chocolate-dipped chocolate biscotti

the name says it all - chocolate decadence cake

70% dark chocolate chips

that's a lot of chocolate...

There was also super-rich hot chocolate, white chocolate chips, and different store-brand chocolate bars.

And this is the mayhem that ensues when you release 40+ college students on a table absolutely laden with chocolate goods:

Clearly, everyone who was present was able to get their chocolate fix. But even after all the students had taken their fill (and packed some to eat in their dorms) there was still a lot leftover.

I’m kind of amazed that I was able to limit myself to the 70% dark chocolate chips. Honestly, chocolate baked goods aren’t really my cup of tea – I prefer pure, unadulterated chocolate bars. Even the 70% was a little too sweet for me; hey, I’m a chocolate elitist, what can I say? There are worse things I can be you know… But I’ve got 2 bars of 88% chocolate stashed in my room, so it’s all good. And like everyone else, I had more than my share of chocolate – for today, at least ;).

So there’s a quickie Valentine’s Day post for everyone, with lots of chocolate and lots of love!

Stay warm guys – spring’s almost here. I CAN FEEL IT!!!



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