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Boston, February 26: Clover Food Trucks!

So, here I am in the midst of writing about my weekend at the Northeastern Food & Justice Summit. But I still gotta write about the FOOD, ya know? Because the food served at this conference was pretty amazing. ESPECIALLY Saturday’s lunch.

Want to know why?

hmm, now what could all these people be standing in line for?

Because we were served by FOOD TRUCKS. And as if that wasn’t cool enough already, CLOVER food trucks came along Boston University to serve the masses of hungry, food-minded youth.

For anyone unfamiliar with food scene in the Boston area, Clover Food Lab started out with a single food truck, aiming to serve hungry Bostonians healthy, organic, local fast food.

a wholesome and 100% vegetarian menu

And through their mission, Clover has really taken off; they’ve expanded to multiple trucks and a brick-and-mortar restaurant, all with the same ideal of bringing seasonal, fast food to Bostoners on-the-go. Plus, their locales are all highly ranked as Boston’s best eats on Yelp. And Yelp does not lie, people!

So after doing my foodie research (I procrastinate by looking at restaurant menus; it’s sad, but true), I was absolutely ecstatic when I found out that Clover Food Lab would be bringing 2 food trucks to the Northeastern University to cater to the Food & Justice Summit attendees.

busy on the line

ninja shot into the truck!

So as everyone finished up their 2nd workshops, they all rushed in a huge wave to the food trucks; even with 2 trucks on-site, the workers were slammed, and they had to have people regulating the students coming to get lunch.

I sneaked by because I had my camera, and I was going to take pictures – one of the many benefits of having a huge lens attached to a DSLR hanging around your neck. :)

As busy as all the cooks were, I think they were able to keep up at a somewhat manageable pace because of the nifty ordering system that Clover uses; there are 2 workers assigned to each truck, solely dedicated to taking customers’ orders with their iPhones. The orders are then sent to the cooks in the food truck, who are then able to efficiently turn out order after order after order with hardly any pause.

taking the order via iPhone

And although the lunch rush was preettttty cuhrazy, the cooks were all focused on their job, turning out delicious food for every person, even veganizing sandwiches and customizing orders to people’s preferences.

hungry students waiting for their orders. I can only imagine the pressure..

frying fresh falafel (awesome alliteration, ehh?)

pulling hot pitas out of the oven

fried falafels and toasted pitas, on-deck for sandwich-construction

pita-wrapping. it's a tough job, forreals.

I’m not sure if you can read the picture of the menu, but Clover also serves different beverages; that day they were serving lemonade, hibiscus iced tea, and regular iced tea.

And since it was a pretty nippy day out, they also had hot, mulled cider.

i'm guessing she was the designated beverage person, because she handled most of the drinks

Alright, alright, onto the food!

So, all Clover sandwiches are completely vegetarian (most of them can be made vegan on request), and served in whole-wheat pita bread that I hear they pick up from Brooklyn. :O Now that’s dedication.

Since I was going to order only one sandwich (I only had one meal ticket after all), I went around asking strangers if I could take pictures of their food. Oh, the things I do for this blog…

I didn’t manage to get pictures of ALL the sandwiches, but here are the ones I did take:

the famous chickpea fritter; looks delicious, does it not?

the sweet potato sandwich

my egg and eggplant sandwich!

And a few bites later…


The verdict?

I HAVE TO COME TO BOSTON AGAIN, JUST TO TRY THE REST OF THESE SANDWICHES. Seriously, my egg&egg ‘wich was so good; it tasted wholesome without being overly salad-y, with delicious squirts from the sauce and hummus and crunchiness from the vegetables. Plus, I hear they have some amazing side dishes that I’ll definitely have to try.

Everyone I talked to loved their sandwiches too, saying it was “AMAZING,” and “REALLY good.”

Slow Food representatives enjoying their Clover sandwiches

Really, Clover Food Lab went above and beyond my expectations, and I can only wish that they expand to NYC. This is totally my type of food, and I wish it was nearer to home so I could eat it more often. Alas… I guess I’ll just have to go back to Beantown if I want to eat it again.

Which I’m actually fine with, because Boston is an AMAZING city (this is something that I just realized this during my trip here).

So maybe another venture to Massachusetts in the near future? We’ll have to see!

order up!

But if you’re ever in the area, definitely make an effort to stop by one of the Clover locations; I promise, it’ll be well worth your time and effort.

Clover Food Lab Locations:

Harvard Square: 7 Holyoke St., Cambridge (Near Harvard Square T stop)

MIT: 20 Carleton St., Cambridge (Near Kendall T stop)

DWY: Summer St. & Atlantic Ave, Boston (Near South Station T stop)

SoWa: SoWa Market, 460 Harrison Ave,  Boston



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