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What’s Been Happening Recently, & a Quick Review

Hey all! So I’ve been pretty good during break about posting during break, don’t you think? But you might have noticed (or you might have not…) that I haven’t updated AT ALL during this weekend. :O

How could this be?? What horrible, untimely situation could POSSIBLY keep me from blogging when I have so much free time, you ask?


Alright, ’nuff of the suspense. It’s because I was in PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND.

one of the 3 rivers in Providence

I was actually there from Thursday to Monday,  visiting a few of my friends (one who goes to RISD, and another who goes to Johnson & Wales). I had an AWESOME time, and took like a gazillion pictures. Which I’m currently working through right now as I type up this post (yes, I am that skilled at multi-tasking).

But before I launch into a series about my weekend in Rhode Island (I don’t want to give away too much!), I wanted to share an eatery with you guys, called City Sandwich.

This was the place where I ate lunch before boarding the bus for Providence. Me, being the food nerd that I am, had researched and cross-referenced every restaurant in a 20-block diameter from 33rd St. (Hi, my name is Eunice, and I am a Yelp addict…). Please don’t think too badly of me.

Anyyywaaaays. I’m not usually a sandwich-y person because I feel like they’re so bleh sometimes. But City Sandwich had lots of good reviews for being both yummy and healthy and the menu was appealing, so I decided to stop here on my way down to 31st St.

I walked in and the place was definitely smaller than I expected, but clean and streamlined, with a menu that was easy to navigate (yay for color-coding!). There’s a section each for meat sandwiches, veggie/fish sandwiches, and egg sandwiches. The guy working the register explained that they’re very health conscious, and have replaced all the mayo in their sandwiches with yogurt-based spreads. Hmm… I likey…

Although there was a plethora of delicious-sounding things on the vegetarian menu, I finally chose the “Diane,” which the menu described as having “grilled radicchio, grilled onions, roasted tomato, roasted zucchini, goat cheese, sweet balsalmic vinegar, olive oil.” It actually took longer to come out than I expected, but I think that’s just because I was expecting ingredients to be slapped on willy-nilly between 2 pieces of bread, Subway-style. This just showed me that they were putting tender, loving care into my sandwich and actually using fresh ingredients.

When my sandwich came out, it was wrapped up in paper (even though I had asked for it to-go; I think they just do this with all sandwiches) and the guy brought it over to me.

veggie innards!

I unwrapped it to reveal all of its warm, heavenly, deliciousness. The filling was delicious – everything was well-cooked, all the ingredients worked together, and the best parts were the pockets of slightly melted, gooey, tangy goat cheese.

pocket o' cheese

But the bread just stole the show.

crusty, Portuguese DELICIOUSNESS!

Woooooooow. Wowowowowowow. That bread was SO good – the outside was the perfect texture of crispy-crusty that shattered when I bit into it, giving into the soft, pillowy inside. And it TASTED good too – not just like, bleh bread, but it actually had a slightly yeasty, wheaty taste. The bread here is not just a vehicle to carry the fillings into your mouth! It actually MAKES the sandwich. Apparently, it’s a Portuguese bread, but I thought it was very similar to a baguette.

Conclusion? If you’re ever in Hell’s Kitchen, hungry for a quick lunch, go to City Sandwich. The prices are average for NYC (I paid about $8 total for my sandwich, tax included), and the food here goes way above and beyond the sandwich standard. Really, that remarkable bread alone makes it worth a trip down here.

That was pretty quick, right? I hope it was because I really did try to keep it (somewhat) concise. Anyhoo, up next: college eats in Rhode Island!


City Sandwich:
649 9th Ave. (between 45th and 46th St.)
Hell’s Kitchen
New York, NY 10036



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