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College Livin’: Thayer Street Eats Part 2

So, continuing with my Rhode Island Adventure…

Starting from where I left off last time on Thayer Street, let’s walk down a little more – until we reach a red-brick building on the corner of a street that looks like this:

Hmm. It looks pretty unremarkable, doesn’t it? It’s got bricks. And windows. And signs. No fancy artwork like at Nice Slice… So what could possible be inside?

Well, if we walk around the corner, we see…

More bricks and windows. And an alcohol store. And a cafe. If you walk in the doot…

And up the stairs, you’ll arrive at the Meeting Street Cafe!

To be honest, I was kind of surprised when I walked up those stairs and into this cafe. When I think cafe, I think of small, cozy, holes-in-the-walls that are rich with the scent of freshly ground coffee, selling baked goods hot out the oven and espresso drinks straight from the machine.

So that’s what I was expecting when I read about the Meeting Street Cafe; but to my surprise, this place isn’t “cafe-like” at all. I’d say it feels more like a diner/deli, with a mostly sandwich and salad-based lunch menu, while serving omelettes and pancakes for breakfast; they even have a separate display case for their desserts!

Anyone else getting the diner feel here?

Although it wasn’t what I was expecting, I still wanted to eat here; this place had gotten really good reviews, and there were so many veggie-based options on the menu, so why not? They had so many options, so I just decided to go for a salad-sandwich combination.

I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but this portion was HUGE. Keep in mind that I got a half-salad with a half-sandwich, and a side. But this plate was the size of my torso! Almost. Well, maybe you’ll get a better idea if you read on.

For my salad, I chose the spinach option, which came with baby spinach (obviously), onions, pecans, apples, gorgonzola cheese and a balsalmic vinagrette. The menu said that it came with croutons, but as you can see, my salad is distinctly cubed bread-less; I didn’t miss them too much though because I”m not a huge crouton fan. The salad itself was just ok; simple and plain but with fresh ingredients were fresh and salty-sweet flavor that I’m really liking these days.

There was a huge ice cream-scoop portion of tabbouleh that I chose for my side; it was good, with a crunchy texture from the vegetables mixed in with the cracked wheat, and a strong parsley flavor that brought the whole thing together.

For the other part of my combo meal, I got the “Hummus, Etc.” which came with hummus, lettuce, tomato, onion, sprouts, and cucumbers between 2 slices of 7-grain bread. But just LOOK at that – it’s a GIGANTOR of a sandwich! Even as a half-portion, this was definitely a 2-hander.

Taste-wise, this sandwich was alright; the hummus was a little dry in my opinion, but that was probably done on purpose. By making it drier, the hummus held its shape better so there wasn’t be any spillage or sogginess anywhere. I would’ve also preferred my bread toasted, but that’s just me wanting some crunchiness in my food.

After eating my meal, I was full to bursting; trust me, that meal is way bigger than it looks. But looking around, I saw this:

What??? FREE COOKIE? The Cafe staff had actually set up a Mac so that customers could actually log on to their Facebooks and like the Meeting Street Cafe’s page. After doing so, they would receive half of  one of these guys FOR FREE:

The cookies are also humongous. Compare them to the Peeps as a size reference; I kid you not, these were ACTUALLY the size of my head.

But come on, they were free! So I “liked” them and got a free half cookie. They had run out of the garbage cookie (which I’m guessing is just  mashup of all things like chocolate, raisins, and pretzels rolled into a cookie dough to create awesome salty-sweetness) so I chose the ginger molasses.

this was free :D

Like everything else in the Meeting Street Cafe, the half-portion of the cookie was more than enough. It had a good spice flavor, which I loved; the ginger was particularly stand-outish although I’m sure there was also nutmeg and cinnamon. It was crispier on the edges, getting somewhat softer in the middle; it was also was crunchy because of the large sugar crystals, although it did get a little too sweet for me towards the end.

Regardless, I left the Meeting Street Cafe (way too) full and content. It was a good lunch, although if any of you guys ever go, I advise bringing a friend to split the plate with. Otherwise, you might leave like me, crazily bloated and practically have to roll out the door. X)


Meeting Street Cafe
220 Meeting Street (ok, so it’s technically not on Thayer Street, but it’s the intersection between Thayer and Meeting Street)
Providence, RI 02906




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