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Providence Eats Part 3: Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches

ALRITEY. Now that I’ve distracted you all with wonderful baked goods from New Jersey, let’s get back on track to the Rhode Island food scene. Yay for continuity!

For my last meal in Providence, my friend took me to Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches for lunch, saying that the food here was SO good and that I just HAD to try it. I mean, come on, how can I say no to that?


So even though I had given up meat for Lent, and their menu is very meat-centric, I agreed to go in and try one of their famous sandwiches.

Like most of the other Providence eateries I’ve reviewed in the past few days, Geoff’s is definitely a popular student destination. It’s right across from a RISD studio, so during lunch break, the place is absolutely packed with starving art students. Luckily for us, we went during one of their slower times, so we were able to order and get our food relatively quickly.


busy bees

Alrite, now I won’t deny that I’m an indecisive person; I’ll go back and forth between choices, and ponder over a menu for the longest time before finally choosing the dish I want to get. In my head, I’ll make a little pros and cons list of the possible meal candidates, weighing which components I like separately and if I would enjoy them together as a composed dish. It sounds nerdy, I know. But more often than not, I’ll make the best decisions and my plate of food will be the best out of all my friends’ or family’s.

BUT. Look at this monstrosity of a menu.


And that’s only half of it.


But it doesn’t end there. Not only is there a gazillion different sandwiches to choose from, but you can also customize them whichever way you want, swapping out and replacing toppings, sauces, cheeses, and breads.

My head’s spinning just thinking about it. And to think, I was snapping pictures while trying to decide what to get! Jeez, those are some serious multi-tasking skills.


sandwichin' it up!


the magic machine that they use to heat meat and melt cheese with steam


saucing while it's warm can't hurt either



But seriously, I almost had a nervous breakdown trying to decide which sandwich to get. Luckily there was an entire vegetarian section, so after reading through it about a dozen times, I got the “Dead Head,” which has cold provolone cheese, spinach, sprouts, oil & vinegar, carrots, tomatoes, and onion, all in a wheat wrap.


I was kind of wavering between this sandwich and a hot one; it was drizzly/snowy outside, and it would have been so satisfying to have bitten into a sandwich and pull away with a mouthful of ooey cheese layered in between vegetables. But we had to order this to-go, and I didn’t want my sandwich cooling off and the melted cheese becoming a rubbery, gummy mess. So, I ordered a cold wrap. I feel like I would’ve enjoyed a hot wrap more, but this was definitely satisfying. The vegetables were crisp, the sprouts being the best part with their wavy stalks and cute little leaves. The oil and vinegar gave it an extra bite, lending flavor to an otherwise blandish sandwich. My only gripes was that this wasn’t exactly what I ordered; there weren’t any carrots (it looked like they were replaced by mushrooms), and although I had asked for a wheat wrap, it came rolled up in green, spinach bread sheet. Hmm… Was it a fluke? Or did they change the sandwich but not the menu? I guess I’ll have to go back and find out :D


My friend got the “Kevorkian,” a lip-smackingly delicious combination of hot pastrami, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and Frank’s Hot Sauce (who’s Frank)?


I obviously didn’t eat this sandwich, but it must’ve been good because my friend was “mmMMMmmm”ing the entire time.


posing for the camera!

Other than the food, one of the best things about Geoff’s is just how super relaxed and cool everyone is. The atmosphere is really casual, and all the employees have fun talking and joking with the customers. The fact that they have fun even though they’re super-busy building sandwiches says a lot about this place :).


While I’m sure you could find other sandwicheries in the Providence area, none of them are quite like Geoff’s. It’s a staple here (my friend says she eats at Geoff’s multiple times a week), and everyone who lives in the area knows about it, whether they’re students, professors, or local residents. And if you’re willing to brave that huge menu, come over and try one of their sandwiches – I’m sure your mouth will thank you.

Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches
163 Benefit Street
Providence, RI 02903



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