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A PB&B, Paninified

I’m going to be honest with you guys.

I an not a jelly person.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t had any well-made jams in my life, but I can’t really stand blobs of jiggly fruit preserves. I find them too sugary and insubstantial and unsatisfying; I’d rather put smashed strawberries in my sandwich rather than strawberry jam.

Hrm. A dilemma indeed.

Luckily, one of my yellow, speckled, curved friends came to save the day.


which banana does not belong..?

Frankly, I don’t like bananas much either. Not when they’re by themselves at least. They’re too… banana-ey (amazing justification, I know).

But I enjoy them very much in cereal. Or in a banana soft serve. Or in banana bread. You get the picture.

They ALSO happen to be my favorite thing to eat with peanut butter.

I mean, you can always just slather on some PB on a banana and call it a day, but why do that when you can get all fancy-schmancy (alrite, it’s not THAT fancy…) with your bananners and make them UBER delicious?

Allow me to show you how.

You will need:


Breads (preferably a heartier variety – I’m using Bread Alone’s Whole Grain Health Bread), banana (note: bananas are ripe when they start to get brown spots – not before!) and peanut butter.

I start by spreading the peanut butter first.


Note how I put the PB on the larger slice of bread; you get more peanutiness per square inch that way. :)


Then I sliced up half a banana,


and placed the slices on the PB-ed bread (more stickage).


Upon closing my sammich, I put it in one of these:


That actually turns into a griddle/panini press if you flip the black parts on either side.




If you don’t have one of these, you can always toast your bread in a toaster/oven. Or you can get to pans over the stove, and stack them with the sandwich in between.

But if you do, you can just press the top down on the sandwich, and let the panini-magic happen.



There will be sizzling happening. And browning. And flattening. And delicious-ifying.

When mine was done, it looked like this:


Lightly toasted on the outside, with perfectly warmed innards. The bananas were softened and starting to caramelize. The peanut butter had melted and glooped into and around the bread and the ‘nanas.

It was….


PB&B perfection.

I ate this for breakfast today.

I want to eat another one for a snack, but I’m trying to resist.

We’ll see how that goes.



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