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Palisades Farmers’ Market, Round 2

There’s no denying it. I love farmers’ markets.

Really, I am.

And I know it’s a weird thing to be addicted to, but I just can’t help myself.

There’s always a plethora gorgeous, seasonal produce and yummy-looking baked goods that just BEG to be taken pictures of. And not only is each market different, they’re different from week to week too. Sometimes the vendors will change, with “guest’” sellers appearing every once in a while, and the goods being sold will ALWAYS be different.


root veggies! carrots and onions

It only makes sense that I can never get sick of farmers’ markets.

So although I’ve blogged about the Palisades Farmers’ Market before, I felt that I’d just go ahead and do another post about it. Since my last post, the market has moved outside; not only that, but this was the LAST market of the winter-spring season. It was like I HAD to go, y’know?

Yeah, you do know. (;

With spring’s arrival and summer just around the corner (or already here?), Gajeski Produce’s stand was overflowing with spring and early summer fruits/veggies.


asparagus are in season!


snap peas and mounds of greens




it's rhubarb season too


flowers; not edible, but pretty

There was also a new stand selling “Angela’s Mortgage Apple Cakes.”


Mortgage…. Kind of an unusual name for apple cakes, don’t you think? The guy selling them told us that they’re called that because Angela Logan from Teaneck baked and sold these to pay of her mortgage; she managed to sell at least a hundred a day for 10 days – pretty amazing!

My dad and I bought a pack of 3 – they’re made with whole wheat and organic ingredients, and darn tasty too, in a pumpkin bread-spicy way.

There was  also a man from Fontanarosa Pasta selling fresh, homemade pastas of various shapes (many of the whole-wheat, with some gluten-free options as well), and ravioli with all sorts of fillings in them, from mac&cheese to mushrooms and ricotta.


Whenever I come here, I always get a yogurt from the “drink” guy, who sells local wines and dairy products.




The milk, yogurts, and butters are from Ronnybrook farms, and all their cows are grass-fed and hormone-free. It’s a lot of fancy terminology, but there really is a difference; their creamline coconut yogurt is one of the best yogurt I’ve eaten in my ENTIRE life.

John Ferrentino from Homespun Chili is also a frequent seller at the Palisades Market.


He makes 4 different types of chili, all delicious. You’ve got your traditional Cowboy Beef Chili, but he also makes chili like Thai Choo Chee Chicken Chili, Turkey Chili, and a masala vegetarian chili. They’re chilis that push the boundaries of chili-ness with exotic flavors and untraditional ingredients. He’s also working on a BBQ chicken chili and a vegan one – can’t wait for those to come out!

Of course, Melissa of grounded. Coffee is always there to whip up delicious espresso drinks and teas with fair-trade and organic beans/leaves.


The Balthazar Bakery (who actually makes all their bread in our lovely neighborhood town of Englewood) had an impressive display of large, rustic loaves of bread.


One of the tables that comes off-and-on is B&B Jams, who was selling about 20 different types of jams yesterday.


Holy moly. That’s a lot of preserves. You’ve got everything from strawberry to orange marmalade, blackberry, and even apricot jalapeno – anything your jammy heart could desire!

Now do you know what I mean? Even though this is a small, local market (nowhere near as big as the Union Square Greenmarket), there’s always so much to see and taste (yay, SAMPLES!) I could honestly just go through the market, browsing through the stalls without buying anything.

But I want to support local businesses, so I always make it a point to buy a few things every time I go to the farmers’ market. Wanna see what I got? :D


Remember when I mentioned in my PB&B post that I didn’t like jam? Well, when I mentioned that I had made homemade peanut butter to the jam-man, he persuaded me to get a jar of red raspberry plum jam, saying how it was amazing with peanut butter. I thought this would be a good chance to rekindle a lost love for fruity preserves, so I bought it. On the right is the coconut yogurt I mentioned earlier.


We also got 2 tacos for my sister’s lunch from Blue Taco lady – one with barbecued pulled pork and pickled onions, the other with chickpeas, mushrooms, and cilantro(vegetarian). Calynn said they were both good, although she preferred the chickpea one.

And now the best for last….



Strawberry season is just hitting its stride, and I am SO glad that I can get these guys at the farmers’ market now. They’re a lot smaller than the ones you get at the grocery store, but have such amazing flavor. They’re really sweet and juicy, with an almost nectarine-like taste that lingers on your tongue. SOO GOOD. Seriously, these will change the way you think about strawberries.


They’ve got a lot more character than the berries you get at the store too. :)

So now that farmers’ market season has started, I definitely encourage you guys to go your nearest one. They’re really fun, gorgeous places to spend a morning, and you learn what’s in season. There’s also an amazing sense of community at farmers’ markets that you don’t really get anywhere else; and the more you go, the better you’ll get to know the vendors. And that’s when getting the groceries becomes less of a chore, and more of an adventure with good food and good friends. :D



3 thoughts on “Palisades Farmers’ Market, Round 2

  1. great pictures.

    Posted by EILEEN LARKIN | June 6, 2011, 1:26 pm


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