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Localer and Localer: the Haworth Farmers’ Market

I feel like June marks the official start of the farmers’ market season. While most humans can’t bear the scorching heat and tend to laze around and cool down, most plants THRIVE in temperatures this high.

Although there’s usually produce of the winter, fall, and spring varietals as well, summer is when things are really in abundance. And I feel like most everyone’s favorite fruits and veggies are summer produce. I mean, potatoes are alright, and asparagus and brussel sprouts are good too, but who doesn’t love tomatoes? Peppers? Eggplants, blueberries, raspberries, watermelon? THESE are the things that people patiently wait year-round for.

And the first of the batch have just now started to show up at the farmers’ market.


I had no idea that Haworth had a farmers’ market! WHHHAAAAT? When did THAT happen? I was doing some research on Jersey Fresh for the farmers’ markets in Bergen County (you should check them out – there are more than you’d think!), looking at one’s that were a bike-able distance from my house.


Emerson.. (Doable, but it hasn’t started yet). Englewood, Fort Lee… (ARGH, both too far). Ramsey, Ridgewood… (EVEN FURTHER ARGGHHH). And then…



And it started June 7 too! (Which was yesterday, for all you folks who are lost in the ebb and flow of summer vacation time ).

So I hopped on my bike and pedaled to the Terrace Street parking lot in downtown (can it even be considered downtown..?) Haworth.

And I was blow away by the produce. There were so many, all of them so new and cute.



New spring potatoes! They be tiny n’ tender.


Beeeets: both red and golden.


The thin veggies… carrots and asparagus.


White and red chard – so pretty! Can’t wait for the rainbow variety to come out.


A boxful of herbs: parsley, cilantro, chives, mint, and oregano.


Dandelion greens; they’re not just weeds you know! Farmers actually grow them to sell. Kinda want to try….


Rows and rows of various lettuce, from butterhead to red leaf to chicory to romaine.


And finally… TOMATOES!!


These are hot house tomatoes (kind of like a greenhouse – they’re raised indoors to give them a jump on the the growing season) so they’re not QUITE as delicious as the ones grown outside in the full sun. But the lady selling them assured me that they’ll have a variety of  tomatoes out in the next few weeks. CAN’T WAAAAAAIIIT.


The last of the rhubarb… Who knew it was so leafy?


Lil’ radishes.


And zucchini! Both yellow and green.

That’s a lot of veg… But the Haworth Market also had a guy selling loaves and loaves of bread.


Along with mozzarella, ravioli, seafood, and meat.


One of the produce stands also sold baked goods and local honeys, jams, and preserves.


Another one of the vendors was selling prepared foods like salads, soups, and brownies.


And another person had actually brought a car full of flowers…


That’s a pimpin’ ride.

Although the Haworth Farmers’ Market is a little smaller than the Palisades’, I think this one had more produce – or maybe it’s just because it’s the summer market? We’ll have to see…

If you have a chance, please visit the local market and pick up a few things. In a couple of weeks, things will REALLY be bustlin’ and there will be so much stuff, you won’t know what to do with yourself. It’s actually really fun (or maybe I’m just a veggie nerd…), and you get to meet a bunch of awesome people. :D

P.S. I hope I’m not boring you with the repetitive market pictures! Think of it as a learning experience, getting to see what’s in season throughout the year. :)



One thought on “Localer and Localer: the Haworth Farmers’ Market

  1. come to the Rochester farmers market rated #1 in da country!!

    Posted by Secret Man | June 8, 2011, 5:57 pm

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