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2 Twists on Traditional Summer Eats

I went to Manhattan again yesterday.

Let me assure you, this is not the norm. Twice in less than one week?


Alright, yes, the city is pretty magical. Yes, there are a ton of things to see and do, and about a billion more delicious things to eat. Yes, it is a city that is unlike any other in the world (probably – I can’t say I’ve been to all of them…).

But commuting gets EXPENSIVE, man. And (don’t hate me, folks) the city is kind of… grimy. Ok, not ALL parts of it. But especially on a day like yesterday, where it’s not only pollution-y, but also hot and humid (not just any humid; humid like oh-jeez-it-feels-like-it’s-going-to-thunderstorm-anytime-now humid) I just feel gross. Like I need to take a shower and change my clothes as soon as humanly possible.

Luckily, the Big Apple offers a few treats to remedy this kind of ickiness. And pretty unique treats they are, too.

Like the iced coffee at The Roasting Plant.


Now, there are a bunch of cafes that I want to visit in New York. Café Grumpy. Mudspot. Abraco. Stumptown Coffee Bar in Brooklyn. Blue Bottle.

So whenever I go into the city, I do my research and see if I can hit up any cafes while I’m there. I was planning on going to Abraco this time around, but then…. I found out about The Roasting Plant.

And I kinda had to go.


The draw to this place is that they have tubes of different green coffee beans; you know what that means?

They micro-roast their beans in the actual store, instead of having it trucked over from a roasting plant! And they actually do it right in front of you – HOW COOL IS THAT??


So when you order a cup of coffee at the RP, freshly roasted beans will travel through vacuum tubes and each cup’s worth will be ground for you individually.

Alright, I’ll admit the whole concept is a little gimmicky; I know I got swept up by the cool factor of the whole tubes-and-metal thing. But this gimmick makes some of the freshest and most delicious coffee you can get in Manhattan.


Normally at cafes I get an Americano, but yesterday I decided to deviate from my usual and got the Roasting Plant’s “Summer Block Party Blend” over ice. That’s right, this is an iced coffee, not an espresso drink.

But look, it’s STILL GOT CREMA (that golden-colored foam you get on top of espresso drinks, a sign of a well-pulled shot). Holy crap. That’s pretty awesome.

And this was some good coffee too; quite a bit more bitter than my homemade cold-brew, but with an almost chocolatey aftertaste. Yum.

It was drunk immediately. Slurp, slurp.

And then I stopped by Porto Rico Importing Company to pick up some coffee beans (we’re running low at home – the horror!)


I actually got an Iced Coffee blend; the lady in the back recommended it for cold-brewing. We’ll have to see how it goes! Notice how perfectly the bag fits in the airtight Tupperware I found for it. :D

But as I walked up the streets of Manhattan, they struck again. The torturous heat and the overwhelming humidity began to wear me down. I was struggling… STRUGGLING I TELL YOU.

And that’s when… Stogo came into sight.


Ok, I didn’t just walk right into this research. I Yelped for the closest Ice Creameries in the vicinity, and this place came up 2nd. Sure, there were froyo places like 16 Handles and gelaterias like Il Laboratorio del Gelato, but this place was different. Unique.

You know why?

Because all of their ice creams are VEGAN.

Uh-huh, that’s right.

Wait, can ice CREAM even be called that when there aren’t any dairy products in it…?



Made without artificial sweeteners, animal products, or artificial flavors/colorings, but still deelishes… I got the the soymilk-based Salted Pistachio and Mexican Hot Chocolate.

So, these weren’t the airy creaminess of ice cream, but they didn’t feel like a sorbet either… I’d say the closest thing would be the smoothness of gelato. The pistachio flavor was so-so; I didn’t really get any salt or pistachio, just a slight hint of soymilk. The chocolate, on the other hand, was AWESOME. Not only did it have little chunks of chocolate, there were pepper flakes floating around in there too. It was intensely chocolatey, with a fiery heat that kicked in towards the back of your throat. YUMMY.

And so this ice “cream” helped tide me over until Port Authority. Whew.

But now here I am, craving ice cream and iced coffee when it’s pouring outside. Dangnammit.


The Roasting Plant
81 Orchard St
New York, NY 10002

159 E 10th St
New York, NY 10003

Porto Rico Importing Co.
40 1/2 St. Marks Pl
New York, NY 10003



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