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Newport Day 1: First Bites and Impressions


Well, folks. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve put up a post. The truth is, I’ve been busy.


I know. Shocking, right? Because all summer, I’ve been talking about how much time I have on my hands.

But I have a job now, and as awesome as it is (getting paid to take pictures of food? YES!) it takes up a considerable amount of my free time. And now that I take/edit pictures at work, I don’t really feel like doing it at home…

Terrible excuse, I know. But that’s how it’s been.

But instead of dwelling on the negative, I’ll share on a family vay-cay that we took with our grandparents a few weeks ago.



The beautiful city of Newport, RI.

Ok, first of all, why did no one tell me how gorgeous Newport is? IT’S SO PRETTY. THE WAVES. THE ROCKS. THE SEA. THE MANSIONS. All so, so beautiful.

And the seafood. Don’t even get me started on the seafood.


Like at Benjamin’s. To be honest, this isn’t even THAT great of a restaurant.


It’s an average seafood place, with a really good lunch deal. But at Newport, even average seafood is pretty darn good.


On weekdays, you can get a salad, a bowl of chowder, and a lobster for just $16.


It’s such a good deal that most of my family ordered the prix fixe lunch.


To drink, my dad got the local brew: a Newport Storm. Apparently, it’s pretty popular around these parts.


The salad came with a ranch dressing, and although not particularly large, it had a good assortment of veggies. Look at those cute little pear tomatoes!


And here is our first true taste of New England. The clam chowder was on the thin side, but it had a good deal of yummy clam chunks in it.


And of course, you gotta put oyster crackers in the chowder. Crushed or whole, it just has to be done.


My dad also ordered a pair of oysters, even though it wasn’t oyster season. They were pretty good, but I can only imagine how good they would be if they were in season. Mmmm, juicy oyster flesh…


The lunch menu came with a good-sized lobster (1.25 pounder), that was simply boiled, but its freshness made it really good.



I think the restaurant purposely picks female oysters, because all of the lobsters ALL had roe. That can’t be a coincidence…


Lobster roe is weirdly rubbery… Not nearly as good as crab roe. But my dad ate it all anyways.


Calynn ordered the mac n’ cheese, with chunks of lobster and blue cheese embedded within it’s creamy, noodley depths. It was a pretty heavy dish, and Calynn said that it was a little too rich for her taste.


My entrée was a piece of broiled swordfish with asparagus on the side. The asparagus were overseasoned (SO SALTYY), but the fish was delicately flaky and moist. I thought the crust on top was breadcrumbs, but after tasting it, I think it was crushed oyster crackers.. Clever use of a local favorite, I guess.

After our lunch, we walked right down the street to a candy/ice cream store for a midday dessert.


It was a cute store, but there was so. Much. Sugar. I think I got hyper just looking at all the candy.




Seemed like fudge and caramel (or a combination of the two) were the store’s most popular items, as was the ice cream. We got a cup of mocha chip ice cream to share among all 6 of us – after all, we were pretttttty full.


It was pretty average ice cream. Nothin’ too special, but it did help satisfy our sweet teeth.

We took our ice cream to-go, and ate it while exploring the many stores in Newport. They’ve got everything from restaurants, souvenir stores, cafes, brand names….


And of course, seafood.


Aquidneck Lobster Company is one of biggest and most popular seafood markets in Newport. It’s been open since 1957, has a huge variety of seafood, most of which was caught that morning.


We walked into a giant warehouse, and were met with tubs and tubs of lobsters, flounder, bass, and crabs that were swimming and very much alive.



As tempting as it was, my family didn’t buy anything since we had just eaten lunch. Instead, we headed out the other side of the market, spending our time relaxing on the deck while facing the sea and the yachts.




The rest of our day was spent walking along the beach and the famous Cliff Walk. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, but that’ll be on the next post.

I’m back from work and kinda tired… But I’ll get these posts up before I go to school. Probably…


Benjamin’s Raw Bar
254 Thames Street
Newport, RI 02840

Aquidneck Lobster Co.
Bowen’s Wharf
Newport, RI 02840



2 thoughts on “Newport Day 1: First Bites and Impressions

  1. Congratulations with the new job! It sure seems like a lot of fun. I love your macro shots as always, and as an adorer of all things fish, the picture with the bass made me smile. xD

    Posted by Justin Kim | August 16, 2011, 10:26 pm
  2. blogger to blogger, do you get $ from those ads?

    Posted by euna | August 16, 2011, 11:28 pm

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