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Newport Day 1, Continued: Beautiful Sea, Beautiful Eats

So. Where were we?


Riiiiight. Newport.

With all it’s beautiful views, stores, and waves (real and fake).



All of which just begged to be played in.

After our first Newport meal, my family spent the rest of the day exploring all that Newport had to offer.

We went to two of its many beaches.



You’ll see many pictures of my sister in this post… Just because she and my dad are the only ones that aren’t camera shy in my family.


We skipped rocks.


And played with kelp.


Once we felt that our toes were sufficiently sandy, my dad drove our family down the famous Ocean Drive: a 10 mile long drive that stretches along Newport’s coast.


It offers some of the most gorgeous views of the sea, and there are people frolicking along it everywhere. It’s also dotted with various parking lots, so hop out of your car and climb on the slabs of stone that lead all the way down to the water.





The sea was overwhelmingly huge, almost scary. You can’t help but feel miniscule when you’re surrounded by so much water.

One popular stop on both Ocean Drive and the Cliff Walk is the 40 Steps.


Literally 40 stone steps that will lead your right over the water.



Calynn met a dog there..


Although they had to part, all too soon.

We also bid our family goodbye, because Calynn and I decide to do the Cliff Walk and meet the rest of our family on the other side.


If you’re in Newport, GO ON THE CLIFF WALK.

Don’t fight it. Just do it. You’ll get some amazing panoramic views of the ocean, while surrounded by lush greenery.


Yeah, it’s 3.5 miles long. But there’s so much EXPLORING to do.


With little trails that dot the entire walk, offering opportunities to walk down right to the water.


And in the end, you’re greeted by the sight of people playing along one of Newport’s most popular beaches (which I clearly do not remember the name of).

All this frolicking took it out me and Calynn. So we rested for the rest of the evening.

That is, until it was time to EAT.

The convenient thing about Newport is that almost everything is in walking distance.


So walk we did.

Until we got to… a hoity-toity, semi-fancy restaurant.


Which I do not remember the name of…


Sorry, that’s not funny. That’s an extreme fail on my part. But for the life of me, I do not remember this restaurant’s name.

I hope this picture of my sister and my dad makes up for it.


No? Hmm. Well, I do remember they had this really good dinner deal where you can get any entrée and a bottle of wine for $34.

Of course, we didn’t want any more than 2 bottles of wine; we ended up getting 2 of the $34 deal, and each of person in my family ordered either an entrée or 2 appetizers.


Of course, we started off with bread. The bread was.. bready. Nothing to write home about. It would’ve been nicer if it had been warmed a bit…


An appetizer that we got to share was an Oysters Rockefeller; cheesy, warm, briney and slippery, all at the same time, these spinach-topped shellfish were gone in one bite.


Our other shellfish dish was mussels in a white wine sauce, with a slice of grilled bread on top. Similar to the one we had at the Village Green, but without the unappetizing odor.


My mom (being her usual, carb-loving self) got the seafood pasta with white sauce. There were lots of clams chunks, both in and out of shells, which my mother approved of. And yet, my dream of eating fresh, house-made pasta remains unfulfilled…


My grandpa’s entrée consisted of grilled chicken breast and mashed potatoes. Normally dry and flavorless, according to my grandpa this chicken was well-cooked and surprisingly tender.


My sister and I both opted for 2 appetizers instead of 1 entrée. We Choi sisters like variety, you see.


Calynn’s French Onion soup was decadent and cheesy, served in a small bowl filled with piping-hot beef broth and caramelized onions. Rich? Yes. Delicious? Apparently, because Calynn finished her entire bowl.


Her other appetizer was a shrimp dish; not exactly a huge portion, but Calynn was generous enough to share. The shrimps weren’t cooked to rubber, as they so often are. Instead they were springy and delicious, and the sauce complimented them well.


My first appetizer was a wild mushroom ravioli, with blue cheese sauce and fried spinach on top. This dish was a little disappointing – although the sauce and the filling were good, the ravioli were definitely undercooked. Booo…


My grilled romaine salad on the hand was EXCELLENT. Grilled romaine? Yes, grilled romaine! This is not a mythical salad that exists only in vegetarians’ dreams. The greens were just slightly wilted; they had a lovely charred flavor but still maintained their integrity as lettuce. The creamy salsa dressing and the tortilla strips took this into the realm of Southwestern cuisine, and gave the whole thing much-appreciated flavor.

Now there were other entrees that arrived for my grandma and dad (sole and steak, respectively), but the lighting was really bad at this point and I deemed those pictures unfit for this blog. So you’ll just have to image them in your head.

I apologize that this blog has been a little lacking in details today… This is what you get for writing a post 3 weeks after the actual event took place. But you’ve still got another full day of Newport-ing to read about, so… yay?



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