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A Semester Half Full

Well my friends, here I am. Finally back at home, after a long semester of essays and exams… In which I did not update. One. Single. Time. I’ll be honest guys, there’s been a heavy feeling in my heart recently, a terrible feeling of guilt about the abandonment of my blog.

I know there shouldn’t be an excuse for this past semester, but the truth is, there is. In school, it’s just too difficult to find time to maintain a blog. And with my enrollment into a studio art photography class, I wanted to take this semester off to really focus specifically on my photography, rather than snapping random photos of food. I know, I should’ve put up a short post about how I was going on hiatus. But I didn’t, and that’s my fault. Again, I’m sorry.

I wish I could show you how wonderful this semester has been for me. I’ve never felt more comfortable, more like I actually belong where I am now, and it’s the most wonderful feeling. The Co-Op, my photography class, Opus.. It’s been great. It truly has.

So here is a very belated post about this semester. Hopefully you’ll be able to see how a few months off of this blog has (kinda) improved my photos.

During this semester….

I learned to make bread.


And loved every single loaf I baked.
My housemates did too.


I went hiking, and fell even more in love with the outdoors.




One of my best Saturdays was spent rowing in the Adirondacks.

I went to the Glen more often, and loved running and taking pictures in it.

20111108-woods panograph_print

20111107-panograph river_print


I saw my first double rainbow.


I befriended a Heffalump.


And made my first apple pie(s).


I also got into film photography,




and took the plunge to buy a medium-format TLR.


I decided that gingkos were my favorite trees because of their simple elegance and beautiful color.



I went potato-harvesting and cider-pressing for the first time ever.



And Opus, like last semester, was very good to me.


On top of everything, I made amazing friends who became almost like family to me.

So here I am, finished with first semester of sophomore year, unable to believe how fast time has passed. You know, one year ago I never would’ve believed it if someone told that I would someday come to love Hamilton. Who would’ve thunk, right?

But these past few months haven’t been without stress, and I am SO glad to be home and sleep my days away.

Guys, it’s been real.

P.S. While this blog has been somewhat dormant for the past few months, my Tumblr is still very much alive and active.



3 thoughts on “A Semester Half Full

  1. Aww. I love this!! What a great way to capture the semester :)

    Posted by mckayla | December 20, 2011, 4:44 pm
  2. Welcome back <3 Awesome wrap up post.

    Posted by Brooke | December 21, 2011, 12:15 am
  3. I’m so glad you are posting again.. I love your blog and true enough, those pics you took are amaaaaazing!

    Posted by Fafa | January 1, 2012, 9:16 am

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