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In Korea, with Blog Changes

Hello friends!

I have officially touched down in Korea; after 20 grueling hours of travel, 2 layovers, and a bus ride later, I am safely at my grandparents house, relaxing before I go off WWOOFing for a month.

In the 24 hours that I’ve been here, Korea has already been so good to me. It’s not too too hot yet, the humidity is bearable, and the food (as always) is absolutely fantastic.

I know that the last time I was in Korea, I blogged diligently on a daily basis. I was planning on doing the same this time around, but I’ve decided to make the move and make it official: I am consolidating my Tumblr and my WordPress. From now on, all my blog posts will be found here: http://minyungee.tumblr.com/

I’m sorry if this inconveniences you in any way – really, I am. But after not touching You Eatin’ Nice for weeks on end, while Tumblring everyday, I’ve decided that this is the right choice. Tumblr is much more suited to my style of writing, and the picture quality is better. And really, it is quite annoying having 2 blogs at once.

There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming up this summer, and I hope that everyone who followed me here will continue to follow my Tumblr. I can assure that it will be filled with scrumptious food pictures and shorter, more-readable posts.

WAIT. JK. If you read the above post, please erase it from your memory. I will continue to post on this blog – I just found a better way to integrate it with my Tumblr.

Thanks again!



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