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Coffee in 분당: 가비양

Before we went into 물냉면 restaurant for lunch, I happened to glance up the road and saw what looked like a sign with a pour-over coffee setup on it. I assumed it was a decent cafe and made a mental note to come back to it after we were done eating. An hour later our … Continue reading

In Korea, with Blog Changes

Hello friends! I have officially touched down in Korea; after 20 grueling hours of travel, 2 layovers, and a bus ride later, I am safely at my grandparents house, relaxing before I go off WWOOFing for a month. In the 24 hours that I’ve been here, Korea has already been so good to me. It’s … Continue reading

Coffee: the Elixir of Life

Today, I’m going to talk about coffee. It might be because it’s finals week, that time of year when EVERYONE consumes excessive amounts of caffeine via this black, liquid gold, myself included. It might be because I’ve started to really get into coffee; making sure I’m trying good coffee and really tasting it. Trying to … Continue reading

Needing Bread

I think it’s about time I do a bread post. Considering how much I need/knead bread (harhar), I’m surprised I haven’t done written about a yeast-leavened carbohydrate yet. Well, better late than never they say. This is the recipe, and these are the ingredients:

Tour de Lini

Pasta, pasta, pasta. If you love food, you love pasta. Heck, if you even eat food, chances are you probably like pasta. When we think of pasta, we tend to think of the Italian variety; spaghetti being the most common, followed by linguini, farafalle, fusilli, lasagna, penne, and the more humble elbow. The authors of … Continue reading

A Birthday Rampage!

It cannot be denied. The air is warmer. The grass is greener. The birds are louder. It’s rainier. This can only mean that… Spring has sprung. Ah…. Although the official growing season (or even planting season for that matter) hasn’t begun yet, there’s wild edible greenery that’s begun to pop up in our area. Seeing this, … Continue reading

Radish: Local Food on Wheels in Providence

You guys must imagine that I was ABSOLUTELY unproductive during Spring Break. And you’re not totally inaccurate. I slept a lot, it’s true. But I also went to some beautiful cafes in New York, some of which are known to serve the best coffees in the city. I made lots of videos (on farmers’ markets, … Continue reading

Jeons of Every Kind

Hi all. I have a video for you today. I’m switching things up. Since the arrival of my new camera, I’ve been playing around with the video function, and during spring break I learned a little bit about how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. So make videos I did. Most of my short clips were … Continue reading

Crunch Time

Spring break starts in 3 days. Ah. AHHH. Life-wise, this means that I’ll be done with my midterms in 2 days, spring break will start in 3 days, and I’ll be home in 4 days. So close, but so far… CoOp-wise, this means we only have 4.5 hours of work this week. Which means I … Continue reading

The Pineapple Debacle

Hello all. I apologize for the lack of posts last week. This blog was experiencing some technical difficulties…  the photos that I took for my last dinner cook didn’t transfer to my computer. So I have a little catching up to do before spring break. It’s ok. It’ll work out in the end. So you … Continue reading

In the Past…