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Spaghetti is Romantic…?

Ah. Valentine’s Day. A day (ideally) filled with hearts, love, and chocolate. Well guys, at the CoOp, V-Day is filled with spaghetti sauce, breadsticks, and eggplants. You see, one of the girls who live in the CoOp is OBSESSED with all things Disney. And a few days before this meal, she found out that she … Continue reading

Eastern European Food.. What is it, really?

My friends, last dinner cook I encountered a dilemma that I’d never encountered before. According to the meal plan and the Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant cookbook, I was supposed to cook Eastern European food; a cuisine I am COMPLETELY unfamiliar with. What is Eastern European food anyways? Where’s Eastern Europe? Like, Eastern Eurasia? Or anywhere … Continue reading

Gnocci? Nyoghee?

A little belated, but here is Kitchen Culture blog #2. My dinner-cook this week was on Tuesday, so yes, I am running 6 days behind. But that’s ok, because I think I’m still recovering from this dinner-cook. I am actually not exaggerating when I say that this night’s dinner was actually the hardest, most intense … Continue reading

You Have a Friend in Cheeses

Guys. I have GREAT news. This semester, I’m taking a class called Women, Gender, and the Politics of Food. I know. It’s perfect. But what’s even better is that for the final project in this awesome class I can either a) write a 10 page paper, b) create a syllabus for the class, or c) … Continue reading

A Semester Half Full

Well my friends, here I am. Finally back at home, after a long semester of essays and exams… In which I did not update. One. Single. Time. I’ll be honest guys, there’s been a heavy feeling in my heart recently, a terrible feeling of guilt about the abandonment of my blog. I know there shouldn’t … Continue reading

Newport Day 1, Continued: Beautiful Sea, Beautiful Eats

So. Where were we? Riiiiight. Newport. With all it’s beautiful views, stores, and waves (real and fake). All of which just begged to be played in. After our first Newport meal, my family spent the rest of the day exploring all that Newport had to offer. We went to two of its many beaches. You’ll … Continue reading

Newport Day 1: First Bites and Impressions

Well, folks. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve put up a post. The truth is, I’ve been busy. I know. Shocking, right? Because all summer, I’ve been talking about how much time I have on my hands. But I have a job now, and as awesome as it is (getting paid to take pictures … Continue reading

A Very Hammy Day with the Family

I am proud to say that the very first college that my grandparents EVER visited or saw was my very own. This is a historical moment in their lives! My grandparents had never seen or stepped on an American campus before. So the fact that they got to tour Hamilton College this visit meant a … Continue reading

You, Me, Yeah? At Umeya!

Ok, the title isn’t that good of a joke. But it made chuckle, and I felt clever when making it up, so please indulge me. :) And once again, I’m re-reviewing a place I’ve blogged about before. Umeya.

NYC Restaurant Week at Spice Market

Restaurant Week is a double-edged sword. It really is. Sure, you can get amazing deals at high-class restaurants, paying half of what you normally would for a 3-course meal at these kinds of places. But at the same time, a RW menu could be a terrible sample of a restaurant’s true potential, compromising flavor and … Continue reading

In the Past…