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Jeons of Every Kind

Hi all. I have a video for you today. I’m switching things up. Since the arrival of my new camera, I’ve been playing around with the video function, and during spring break I learned a little bit about how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. So make videos I did. Most of my short clips were … Continue reading

Making Mochi with Grandma

Well folks, I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. Over a week… That’s pretty bad. But y’know, with the heat, loss of wisdom teeth, and lack of excitement in my life, it’s been difficult to find the motivation to blog. Or it was, until yesterday when my grandma pulled out a bag … Continue reading

Konggooksoo: My Last (Chewable) Meal

I’ve suffered a lot in the past 24 hours. My jaw has been aching, my gums have been bleeding, and the lower half of my face is so swollen, I look like a CHIPMUNK – one that’s stuffed a whole branchful of acorns into her mouth. I got my wisdom teeth pulled out this weekend. … Continue reading

Brussel Sprouts: A Lesson On Love

There’s one vegetable that seems to be universally hated by all. You know what I’m talking about; they’re commonly accepted as a kid’s worst nightmares and seen as leafy spheres of bitterness that haunt children’s dinner plates. And sadly, many non-children seem to dislike them as well. What a tragedy. Brussel sprouts; you can’t deny … Continue reading

Ahl-Bap: The Many Parts of a Greater Roe

Variety is a wonderful thing. When you mix a bit of this and a touch of that, add a spoonful of that other thing and a pinch of the stuff over there, the end result somehow ends up being… magical. Pffffft, who cares that everything gets combined together when you stir it up? It’s delicious, … Continue reading

The Magical Wonders of Cold-Brewed Coffee

Who says that you need hot water to make coffee? Well, a lot of people. And until pretty recently, I would’ve said the same (and I work at a café too – shame on me!). Almost all coffee-brewing methods, from the French press, to the pour-over, pulling an espresso shot, and even an automatic drip … Continue reading

Avocado Alfredo: Creamy, Green, and Vegan Pasta

I love avocadoes. And I’m sure you love avocadoes too. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like avocados? They’re rich. They’re smooth. They’ve got nutrients like fiber, potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins, and folic acid. They’re chock full of healthy, monunsaturated fatty acids and give you smooth skin and glossy hair. They’re YELLOWY-GREEN, and if you cut … Continue reading

BMT Bruschetta: A Match Made in Heaven

That’s right, BMT. Not BLT. Because there ain’t no bacon or lettuce on this bruschetta. Instead, we’re going vegetarian with a delicious trifecta that is the cornerstone of what we understand as Italian cuisine. Can you guess what I’m talking about? Basil. Mozzarella. And tomato. A trio of ingredients that complement each other so well, … Continue reading

A PB&B, Paninified

I’m going to be honest with you guys. I an not a jelly person. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had any well-made jams in my life, but I can’t really stand blobs of jiggly fruit preserves. I find them too sugary and insubstantial and unsatisfying; I’d rather put smashed strawberries in my sandwich rather than … Continue reading

Refreshingly Green: Homemade Iced Matcha

In case you guys haven’t noticed, it’s been DISGUSTINGLY hot lately. We’ve only just hit June, and already the temperatures are already above the 90’s. And to top it off, the humidity has been steadily rising too, making me a giant ball of sticky grumpiness. So pretty much all I’ve been wanting to do recently … Continue reading

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