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You, Me, Yeah? At Umeya!

Ok, the title isn’t that good of a joke. But it made chuckle, and I felt clever when making it up, so please indulge me. :) And once again, I’m re-reviewing a place I’ve blogged about before. Umeya. Advertisements

The Phenomenon of Semi-Korean Cuisine

Alright, I don’t usually write posts about food I’ve eaten at chain restaurants. In fact, I rarely ever eat at chains; the food is usually pretty mediocre, and the restaurant itself just doesn’t have as much CHARACTER as a normal eatery does. And that applies even more when the restaurant tries to be too many … Continue reading

A Family Lunch at the Village Green

People say a lot of bad things about New Jersey. The “dirty Jerz,” they call it. Or the “armpit of the universe.” I personally experienced all this Jersey-hatin’ firsthand when I went to college; when I introduced myself, saying I was from New Jersey, the most common reaction would be: “Ewwwww, you’re from Jersey?” Now … Continue reading

Localer and Localer: the Haworth Farmers’ Market

I feel like June marks the official start of the farmers’ market season. While most humans can’t bear the scorching heat and tend to laze around and cool down, most plants THRIVE in temperatures this high. Although there’s usually produce of the winter, fall, and spring varietals as well, summer is when things are really … Continue reading

The Choi’s Do Indian!

Remember the post I wrote about Mark’s OohLaLa Yum a month back? You know, the little hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant in Norwood, an unexpected jewel of deliciousness in the Northern Valley that I took my mom to. Well, since my mom loved it so much, we decided to go there again last night. Except this time … Continue reading

Farmers’ Market Dinner: An Abundance of Good Food, Fun, & Friends

Yesterday (yup, the same day that I went to the farmers’ market) was the last market of the season, so to celebrate the end of a prosperous winter season and to kick-off the summer, the Palisades Farmers’ Market held a special dinner on Saturday night. It was open to everyone from the community, and when … Continue reading

Palisades Farmers’ Market, Round 2

There’s no denying it. I love farmers’ markets. Really, I am. And I know it’s a weird thing to be addicted to, but I just can’t help myself. There’s always a plethora gorgeous, seasonal produce and yummy-looking baked goods that just BEG to be taken pictures of. And not only is each market different, they’re … Continue reading

Fancy in the Valley: A Belated Mother’s Day Lunch at Dimora

In case y’all don’t know, or happened to forget, May 8 was a VERY SPECIAL day. No, it was not the last day before finals at Hamilton. It was MOTHER’S DAY!! Huzzah! You guys had better done something special for your moms! Unless you’re like me, and was stuck in school, stressing because exams and … Continue reading

Apologies, along with Indian Food

Hrm. So it’s been over a month since I’ve last posted. I’m sorry. Truly I am. I’ve been trying to think of reasons why I haven’t updated in so long. But the thing is, there aren’t any; it’s kind of inexcusable that I’ve abandoned my blog for so long. Would you believe me if I … Continue reading

Balthazar Magic!

We interrupt this Rhode Island Foodfest to bring you an important, although unrelated, post. This took place on March 16, a few days before my trip to Providence. I had kind of forgotten that I had pictures left over from this day, so I just wanted to get them onto my blog instead of letting … Continue reading

In the Past…