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February 26-27: Beantown Eats!

Alritey, so this post will cover the “fun & foodie” part of my Boston weekend, whereas the other posts were about the more serious and weighty Food & Justice Summit. Sorry if it’s a little disorienting having cut-and-paste my weekend like this, but hopefully the posts’ relevance will make it a little easier to understand…? … Continue reading

February 27: Northeastern Food & Justice Part II

The last day of Food and Justice Summit began with a closing ceremony of sorts. That’s an oxymoron, isn’t it. We all got together for breakfast, and listened to people talk about what this experience has done for them. It was great hearing fellow attendees share about how this summit has expanded their horizons and … Continue reading

Boston, February 26: Clover Food Trucks!

So, here I am in the midst of writing about my weekend at the Northeastern Food & Justice Summit. But I still gotta write about the FOOD, ya know? Because the food served at this conference was pretty amazing. ESPECIALLY Saturday’s lunch. Want to know why? Because we were served by FOOD TRUCKS. And as … Continue reading

February 25-26: Northeastern Food & Justice Summit Part 1

Before I dive into this Boston post, I just want to explain that I’ll be dividing up last weekend into a few different posts. This one will be focused solely on the conference, and I’ll have another one just for the stuff I did with my friend outside the summit. Coolio? Awesome :) So, last … Continue reading

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