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Butterizing Peanuts for Homemade P.Nut Buttah

I’ve got a confession to make. … I’ve gone kinda nuts for… nuts. I know, weird, right? They’re such plain, brown-and-tan little nublets. But they’re so goshdarn ADDICTING. Crunchy. Roasty. Nutty (obviously). And just a little bit salty. These guys are just TOO snackable. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing, because although nuts are packed … Continue reading

Making Spicy Hand-Torn “Noodles” with Mommy

WHEEEE! I’m back! And so soon after the last post too :) Aren’t you proud? This week is finals week, but I’m braving the stress of exams and papers for you guys! (Read: PROCRASTINATING TO THE NTH DEGREE). Ahem. Anyways. This is a post I’ve been wanting to share for a looong time – over … Continue reading

new directions

I know I’ve blogged about them before, but… Isn’t this pretty? Who would’ve thought this is a spud? It’s actually just a cross section from a purple sweet potato. I was running short on time, so instead of roasting them whole, I sliced them into coins and baked them on an oven pan. I’ve never … Continue reading

In the Past…