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Tour de Lini

Pasta, pasta, pasta. If you love food, you love pasta. Heck, if you even eat food, chances are you probably like pasta. When we think of pasta, we tend to think of the Italian variety; spaghetti being the most common, followed by linguini, farafalle, fusilli, lasagna, penne, and the more humble elbow. The authors of … Continue reading

Eastern European Food.. What is it, really?

My friends, last dinner cook I encountered a dilemma that I’d never encountered before. According to the meal plan and the Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant cookbook, I was supposed to cook Eastern European food; a cuisine I am COMPLETELY unfamiliar with. What is Eastern European food anyways? Where’s Eastern Europe? Like, Eastern Eurasia? Or anywhere … Continue reading

Newport Day 1, Continued: Beautiful Sea, Beautiful Eats

So. Where were we? Riiiiight. Newport. With all it’s beautiful views, stores, and waves (real and fake). All of which just begged to be played in. After our first Newport meal, my family spent the rest of the day exploring all that Newport had to offer. We went to two of its many beaches. You’ll … Continue reading

Providence Eats Part 3: Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches

ALRITEY. Now that I’ve distracted you all with wonderful baked goods from New Jersey, let’s get back on track to the Rhode Island food scene. Yay for continuity! For my last meal in Providence, my friend took me to Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches for lunch, saying that the food here was SO good and that I … Continue reading

Living the Barista Life at Cafe Opus

So I’m not sure if anyone knows, but I got a job. Thrilling, I know. BUT. I am not lying when I say that I work at the coolest place on campus. It is literally, the best job a student can get at Hamilton. Not that I’m showing off, or anything :D

February 26-27: Beantown Eats!

Alritey, so this post will cover the “fun & foodie” part of my Boston weekend, whereas the other posts were about the more serious and weighty Food & Justice Summit. Sorry if it’s a little disorienting having cut-and-paste my weekend like this, but hopefully the posts’ relevance will make it a little easier to understand…? … Continue reading

February 27: Northeastern Food & Justice Part II

The last day of Food and Justice Summit began with a closing ceremony of sorts. That’s an oxymoron, isn’t it. We all got together for breakfast, and listened to people talk about what this experience has done for them. It was great hearing fellow attendees share about how this summit has expanded their horizons and … Continue reading

Back Home! and The Palisades Indoor Farmers’ Market

Wheeeee, I’m home! Home, home, home, home, homehomehomehomehomehomehome :D It feels SO good to be back, and it feels even BETTER because my spring break is 2 weeks long  (most colleges only give students a single week off in March). Nothing too exciting has happened so far, which isn’t too abnormal considering I’ve only been … Continue reading

February 25-26: Northeastern Food & Justice Summit Part 1

Before I dive into this Boston post, I just want to explain that I’ll be dividing up last weekend into a few different posts. This one will be focused solely on the conference, and I’ll have another one just for the stuff I did with my friend outside the summit. Coolio? Awesome :) So, last … Continue reading

dehydrator experiments: sprouted buckwheat “raw”nola

Looking back through all my recent posts, I’ve realized that it’s been quite since I’ve put up a real recipe – a visual how-to guide to making something truly healthful while addictingly delicious. I guess it’s just been hard because I can’t really cook when I’m at school (limited ingredients, time, and equipment); and when … Continue reading

In the Past…