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Tour de Lini

Pasta, pasta, pasta. If you love food, you love pasta. Heck, if you even eat food, chances are you probably like pasta. When we think of pasta, we tend to think of the Italian variety; spaghetti being the most common, followed by linguini, farafalle, fusilli, lasagna, penne, and the more humble elbow. The authors of … Continue reading

The Pineapple Debacle

Hello all. I apologize for the lack of posts last week. This blog was experiencing some technical difficulties…  the photos that I took for my last dinner cook didn’t transfer to my computer. So I have a little catching up to do before spring break. It’s ok. It’ll work out in the end. So you … Continue reading

Farmers’ Market Dinner: An Abundance of Good Food, Fun, & Friends

Yesterday (yup, the same day that I went to the farmers’ market) was the last market of the season, so to celebrate the end of a prosperous winter season and to kick-off the summer, the Palisades Farmers’ Market held a special dinner on Saturday night. It was open to everyone from the community, and when … Continue reading

Fancy in the Valley: A Belated Mother’s Day Lunch at Dimora

In case y’all don’t know, or happened to forget, May 8 was a VERY SPECIAL day. No, it was not the last day before finals at Hamilton. It was MOTHER’S DAY!! Huzzah! You guys had better done something special for your moms! Unless you’re like me, and was stuck in school, stressing because exams and … Continue reading

In the Past…