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NYC Restaurant Week at Spice Market

Restaurant Week is a double-edged sword. It really is. Sure, you can get amazing deals at high-class restaurants, paying half of what you normally would for a 3-course meal at these kinds of places. But at the same time, a RW menu could be a terrible sample of a restaurant’s true potential, compromising flavor and … Continue reading

Our Sisters’ Day out in the East Village

Junior year of high school is a rough period in people’s lives. Y’know it’s when school starts getting really hard, and you’ve got SATs to worry about, and the prospect of senior year and COLLEGE APPLICATIONS looms ever closer. And if you’re involved in extracurriculars, you’re constantly trying to juggle everything without overstressing yourself. It’s … Continue reading

2 Twists on Traditional Summer Eats

I went to Manhattan again yesterday. Let me assure you, this is not the norm. Twice in less than one week? Jeez. Alright, yes, the city is pretty magical. Yes, there are a ton of things to see and do, and about a billion more delicious things to eat. Yes, it is a city that … Continue reading

Eating Our Way Around, Up, and Over Manhattan’s West Side

It had been a long time since I’d eaten in New York City. Too long. (Speaking of long, this is a very long post – be warned!) Wanting to eat in Manhattan, but unable to do so because a lack of a dining companion is a frustrating conundrum, to say the least. So one of … Continue reading

Discovering a Sweet, Soy Heaven at Kyotofu

For almost a year now, my friend Euna and I have been meeting up in New York City to embark on grand food adventures (like this one, this one, or this one – remember these?). I guess you could say it’s almost become a tradition of sorts, and one that we’ve continued even after we … Continue reading

What’s Been Happening Recently, & a Quick Review

Hey all! So I’ve been pretty good during break about posting during break, don’t you think? But you might have noticed (or you might have not…) that I haven’t updated AT ALL during this weekend. :O How could this be?? What horrible, untimely situation could POSSIBLY keep me from blogging when I have so much … Continue reading

breakfasting at the ace hotel: the breslin & stumptown coffee

So after a long, restful winter break, I’m finally back at Hamilton. Those 4 weeks went by impossibly fast. Classes are starting tomorrow (no Martin Luther King Jr. Day for us – OUTRAGE!), so I’m trying to get my blog posts up while I still have the time. My last week of break was chock full … Continue reading

the brooklyn flea and iron-chefing part 2

Before I embark on this blog post about my trips to Manhattan and Brooklyn, I should just explain that this post (like the previous one) is a compilation of 2 separate trips to NY that I smooshed together. I just thought the places I went to were more relevant and would make for more cohesive … Continue reading

the greatest place on earth: Chelsea Market

You guys were probably looking forward to my 2nd Iron Chef post. But that looks like it’s going to have to wait, because I was just SO excited to share this with you guys. Well, in all honesty, part of this post was from the 2nd day I went to Manhattan with my mom. But … Continue reading

iron chef-ing it up in NYC, part 1

So, winter break is already more than half over and for the majority of it, all I’ve been doing is bumming around at home. Which is perfectly fine – I personally feel that breaks are made for bumming around. A lil’ rest and relaxation, you know? But recently, my mom and I have had this … Continue reading

In the Past…